What is a positive streamer?

By: Akash ThambiranUpdated: May 03, 2021


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A positive streamer is a potential ionizing wave,opagates against the direction of electron drift. In ap filled with gas at near-atmospheric pressure peamers are visible as a bright filaments propawards the cathode [7].

People also ask, what is streamer discharge technology?

Streamer Discharge” is a type of plasma discharge in which high-speed electrons capable of oxidative decomposition are generated. It has the ability to eliminate bacteria and mould as well as hazardous chemical substances and allergens, etc.

One may also ask, what are the anode and the cathode streamers?

Usual streamers Streamers are usually initiated on the electrode surface. A cathode streamer (that originates on the cathode and spreads to anode) has form of bush-like structure. An anode streamers have transparent filament structure which spreads with supersonic velocity (figure 2).

What is Townsend theory?

The Townsend discharge or Townsend avalanche is a gas ionisation process where free electrons are accelerated by an electric field, collide with gas molecules, and consequently free additional electrons. Those electrons are in turn accelerated and free additional electrons.

What lights do streamers use?

The key light is your main source of light and should be behind your camera. Many streamers use a ring light that goes around the webcam, such as the Neewer Ring Light Kit for a higher-end option. However, a simple clip-on desk lamp can also give you some of the best lighting for streaming.


What is a lightning leader?

lightning initiation
…to thousands of amperes, the stepped leader propagates toward the ground at an average velocity of 1.5 × 105 metres per second, or about one two-thousandth the speed of light. It is called a stepped leader because of its downward-moving “stepped” pulses of luminosity.

What is time lag for break down?

Formative Time Lag: This time difference is called the time lag. The 'Townsend criterion' for breakdown is satisfied, only if at least one electron is present in the gap between the electrodes.

What is a positive streamer in a thunderstorm?

The objects reach out to the cloud by "growing" positive streamers. These streamers also have a purplish color and appear to be more prominent on sharp edges. The human body can and does produce these positive streamers when subjected to a strong electric field such as that of a storm cloud.

What are step leaders?

The Stepped Leader
Following a charge transfer event in the lower part of the cloud, the released electrons proceed to the ground. Uman "The vehicle by which these electrons move from the cloud to the ground is called a stepped leader it moves to the ground in rapid, luminous steps that are about fifty yards long.

What is return stroke?

The return stroke is the very bright visible flash that we see as lightning, caused by the rapid discharge of electricity. Once the step leader makes contact with a streamer, the negative charge that has accumulated along the leader channel flows rapidly to ground.

How does lightning develop?

Lightning forms and a charge develops because of tiny collations between ice particles within the cloud. This happens millions of times per second and as these charge particles then spread apart within the cloud larger regions of charge develop and when this charge gets large enough a lightning strike occurs.

How do lightning rods work?

A lightning rod is very simple -- it's a pointed metal rod attached to the roof of a building. If lightning strikes, the system attempts to carry the harmful electrical current away from the structure and safely to ground. The system has the ability to handle the enormous electrical current associated with the strike.

What is the return stroke of lightning?

This is the 'return stroke' and it is the most luminous and noticeable part of the lightning discharge. A large electric current flows along the plasma channel from the cloud to the ground, neutralising the positive ground charge as electrons flow away from the strike point to the surrounding area.

What is streamer theory?

STREAMER THEORY Streamer theory breakdown mainly arises due to the added effect of the space- charge field of an avalanche and photo-electric ionization in the gas volume. But in practice, breakdown voltages were found to depend on the gas pressure and the geometry of the gap.

What is streamer unit?

Streamer unit. Prevents mold and allergens with the decomposition power of the streamer discharge.

Which liquid has highest breakdown strength?

Common liquid dielectrics
Name Dielectric constant Max. breakdown strength (MV/cm)
Liquid oxygen 2.4
Liquid nitrogen 1.43 1.6-1.9
Liquid hydrogen 1.0
Liquid helium 0.7

What is breakdown and its types?

Zener Breakdown and Avalanche Breakdown. The Avalanche Breakdown and Zener Breakdown are two different mechanisms by which a PN junction breaks. The avalanche breakdown occurs because of the ionisation of electrons and hole pairs whereas the Zener diode occurs because of heavy doping.

What is treeing and tracking?

The spreading of spark channels during tracking, in the form of the branches of a tree is called treeing. Tracking is the formation of a continuous conducting paths across the surface of the insulation mainly due to surface erosion under voltage application.

What is time lag in High Voltage?

Actually, there is a time difference between the application of a voltage sufficient to cause breakdown and the occurrence of breakdown itself. This time difference is called the time lag. The 'Townsend criterion' for breakdown is satisfied, only if at least one electron is present in the gap between the electrodes.

What is breakdown in High Voltage?

High-voltage breakdown occurs when the electric field in a system becomes high enough to cause. electron avalanches (see section 3.4). Electric field is the potential gradient, or the rate at which the. voltage changes per unit length.

What is stressed oil volume theory?

Stressed Oil Volume Theory
According to this theory the breakdown strength is inversely proportional to the stressed oil volume. The breakdown voltage is highly influenced by the gas content in the oil, the viscosity of the oil, and the presence of other impurities.