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What has a head a tail but does not have a body?

By: Gavin LambUpdated: December 22, 2020


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    September 25, 2022
no body is there. A coin is the one which has a head, a tail and it has no body. The answer of this question is coin because it has to side one is head and another is tail but do not has a body.

Keeping this in view, what has a head and a tail but no body or legs?

Riddle: What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs? Answer: A Penny.

Furthermore, what has a neck but no head?

What has a neck and no head, two arms but no hands? A shirt (or sweater, jacket, etc). A shirt (or sweater, jacket, etc).

What has a head but no face?

Face But No Head. What has a face, but no head; hands, but no feet; yet travels everywhere and is usually running? Answer: A watch.

What come down never go up?

Riddle: What goes down but never goes up? Answer: Rain.


What has 13 hearts but no other organs?

What has 13 hearts, but no other organs? A deck of cards.

What has eyes but can not see?

The answer is a needle! You see a needle has an ”eye”, where the thread is passed through, but it can't see with it can't it?

What has many teeth but can't bite?

What has teeth but can't bite? A comb. Other inanimate objects with teeth like a saw, zipper or a gear can “bite” you.

What does everyone have but nobody can lose?

Everyone has it but no one can lose it. What is it? Answer: A shadow.

What has many keys but can't open a single lock?

The piano is the musical instrument which is invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1770. The Piano has many keys but it can't open a single lock.

What is at the end of a rainbow?

The best known is the Irish tradition that at the end of the rainbow there is a pot full of gold coins, guarded by a leprechaun, green little pixie, who will play with you, hiding the treasure and that will disappear in seconds when you just blink.

Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

The only word that's always spelled incorrectly is "incorrectly". The question above specifically says "always", which makes it totally obvious. For example even in the dictionary, the word incorrectly is spelled as "incorrectly".

What gets wetter the more it dries?

What gets wetter as it dries? A towel.

Who is that with a neck and no head two arms and no hands what is it?

Who is that with a neck and no head, two arms and no hands? What is it? Answer: A shirt.

What belongs to you but is used by others?

What belongs to you, but other people use it more than you? Answer: Your name.

What can you hold without using your hands or your arms?

Difficult. You can hold it without using your hands or arms. What is it? Your breath.

What is a bottom at the top?

“Riddle: What has a bottom at the top?” Answer: Your legs.

What room does not have doors or windows?

Question: What kind of room has no doors or windows? Answer: A mushroom.

What will die if it drinks?

If I drink, I die, if I eat, I'm fine. What am I? Answer: Fire!