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What happens in the book Crispin?

By: Andrew AdioUpdated: February 14, 2021


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Book Summary
The mother of Crispin — Asta's son, as he is known, just a poor peasant — has died, and the boy flees the town of Stromford after being falsely accused of a crime. Together, they come to Great Wexley, a large town where Crispin confronts Aycliffe, the servant of Lord Furnival who has ordered his death.

Furthermore, how is Crispin useful to bear?

Bear claims Crispin for himself, as according to the law, if someone runs away from his master unlawfully, the next free man who finds him may become that person's master. He learns of Crispin's lead cross and notices the writing on it.

Similarly, how old is Crispin in the book?

The lack of name is appropriate, because he and his mother are but poor peasants in fourteenth-century medieval England. But this thirteen-year-old boy who thought he had little to lose soon finds himself with even less—no home, family, or possessions.

Why is Crispin declared a wolf's head?

While Crispin is on the run, he discovers that he is the son of Lord Furnival. By declaring Crispin a Wolf's Head, he is trying to make sure that Crispin will not have the opportunity to claim the rights he might inherit.

Is Crispin a girl?

Based on popular usage, it is 26.549 times more common for Crispin to be a boy's name.


Who is John Aycliffe Crispin?

He is the steward of Lord Furnival's manor of Stromford, which means he's the law of the land in the absence of Lord Furnival. And because Lord Furnival is literally never there, Aycliffe lives in the manor house and is always the top guy in charge. And he's a jerk.

Did Crispin die?

Crispin was falsely accused of stealing church money by the head sacristan, who punished him for a crime he did not commit and eventually killed him. The chapter vividly describes Crispin's death, his body sent rolling down the stairs, his brother Basilio left speechless by the devastating incident.

What is the climax of Crispin the Cross of Lead?

In Crispin: The Cross of Lead, the climax of the story develops after Crispin discovers that he is Lord Furnival's son, and attempts to find Bear with the help of The Brotherhood. When the group refuses to help him, he decides to go into Furnival Palace himself to find Bear.

Is Crispin the Cross of Lead a movie?

Here's an entry in the "90-Second Newbery" Film Festival, presenting Crispin: The Cross of Lead, silent movie style. Watch an interview with Avi in which he talks about writing, reading, and his symptoms of dyslexia.

Where did Crispin meet bear?

Crispin and Bear arrive at Great Wexly (June 22). They check in at the Green Man tavern, and Crispin goes to wander the city.

What is the theme of Crispin?

Crispin – The Cross of Lead deals with different topics: religion, trust, loyalty, sacrifice, freedom, friendship, courage, nobility, social hierarchy, and fate. The most important ones are friendship and fate. Crispin and Bear both fight against their fate.

What is the setting of Crispin the Cross of Lead?

Crispin: The Cross of Lead – Literature – Setting. The setting of the story takes place in medieval southern England in the reign of Edward III. There are two important settings: Stromford village and Great Wexly.

What does Crispin's cross say?

It's Crispin's only real connection to his father.
Instead of telling her son the truth about who his father was, Asta wrote it on the cross of lead, knowing her son can't read: "It says, 'Crispin—son of Furnival. '"

What did bear teach Crispin?

Bear teaches Crispin how to use a dagger.

What happens at the end of Crispin?

What's Up With the Ending? Having at last escaped the evil John Aycliffe, Crispin and Bear leave Great Wexly to the sound of their own music and singing. Having defeated Aycliffe, Crispin is full of joy and declares that he has found both his soul and his name.

Is Stromford England real?

Stromford. The small village of Stromford, lies to the north of Great Wexly, England. In the book, Stromford is in England, but in real life, it lies to the east of Scotland. Stromford is the village that Crispin, also known as Asta's Son, grew up.

What genre is the book Crispin?

Young adult fiction
Historical Fiction

Who is widow Daventry in Crispin?

Widow Daventry. The Widow Daventry is the owner of the Green Man tavern. In her confidence and ability to give and take with any man who walks through her doors, she reminds us of Chaucer's Wife of Bath.

What do Bear and John Ball talk about during their secret meeting?

John Ball was one of the leaders of the Peasant Revolt of 1381. In the story, Crispin overhears Bear and John Ball discussing plans and ideas of how to bring reform to England. Crispin believes it is because of his involvement in the secret meeting with John Ball and the other leaders of the revolt.

What is written on Crispin Cross of Lead?

Accused of a crime he did not commit, he has been declared a “wolf's head.” That means he may be killed on sight, by anyone. If he wishes to remain alive, he must flee his tiny village.