What happened to Superquinn?

By: Byron WuUpdated: May 01, 2021


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Receivership and sale
On 19 July 2011, the chain was reported to have been sold to wholesale group Musgrave Group for just over €100m. The Superquinn name disappeared from Ireland's main streets on 13 February 2014 after owner, the Musgrave Group, announced its decision to rebrand all stores as SuperValu.

Also question is, how much did superquinn Sell For?

Supermarket chain Superquinn has been sold for a knock-down price of over €100m, a fraction of the €400m paid for it during the boom, sources have confirmed to

Secondly, who owns Superquinn?

Musgrave Group

When did superquinn close?

February 13, 2014

Who bought Superquinn?

Musgrave retail group


What did Fergal Quinn die of?

Impairment of well-being

Who owned quinnsworth?

Pat Quinn (businessman)
Pat Quinn
Born 1 July 1935 Cloone, County Leitrim, Ireland
Died 23 November 2009 (aged 74) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Founder of Quinnsworth
Spouse(s) Anne

When did superquinn become SuperValu?

Industry Retail (various)
Fate Stores rebranded SuperValu
Successor SuperValu
Founded 29 April 1970
Founder Feargal Quinn