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What happened to Big Al from Yukon Gold?

By: Arron McwhiteUpdated: December 21, 2020


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    September 25, 2022
With a laugh as big as the Yukon, it seemed nothing could bring down Big Al McGregor. But last season, a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer, and the death of his beloved wife Colleen within a few months of each other last season dropped the gregarious Alberta miner to his knees.

So, did Yukon Gold get Cancelled?

Yukon Gold, currently in its fifth season, followed the fortunes of gold mining crews in the Yukon. “After resonating with legions of fans, Chopped Canada, Timber Kings and Yukon Gold have reached their natural end and won't be renewed for another season.

Secondly, did McGregor die?

John Alastair (Al) MacGregor. UNIONVILLE, ON - It is with great sadness that the family of John Alastair (Al) MacGregor announce his passing at home in Unionville, Ontario, September 24, 2010 following a courageous battle with heart and lung disease.

Where is Yukon Gold filmed at?

Yukon Gold (TV series)
Yukon Gold
Production location(s) Klondike region, Yukon (Seasons 1 – 5) Atlin Mining District, Atlin, British Columbia (Season 4) Cassiar Country, British Columbia (Season 1)
Cinematography Simon Schneider
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Paperny Entertainment (Entertainment One)

How much is Big Al worth?

Big Al Mack net worth and salary: Big Al Mack is an American radio personality who has a net worth of $3 million dollars.


Where is Guillaume Brodeur now?

Long time Dawson City resident Guillaume Brodeur is ready for a change. He and his wife Lisa and two young daughters, Chloe and Alexis, have packed up and moved to Whitehorse.

Are they still filming Yukon Gold?

Yukon Gold ran for five seasons on the History Channel before production was cancelled in 2017, but repeats continue to air. Both are based on what life is like for placer gold miners in the Klondike.

How long is the gold mining season in the Yukon?

The mining season lasts from May to the first of October, or as soon as the water freezes.

How much do the workers on Gold Rush make?

By looking at other reality shows with comparative viewership I estimate the crew of Gold Rush: Alaska makes about $2M per season or roughly $100K per episode. The rest of the $25K/episode or $500K/year is split between the rest of the cast. Of course they get to keep the gold they find.

What happened to Todd Hoffman?

Todd Hoffman may have left the hit Discovery Channel series "Gold Rush," but he isn't leaving gold mining behind. "Gold Rush" Season 8 ends with Oregon's Todd Hoffman leaving the show to pursue a singing career and TV production, and Parker Schnabel splitting with his girlfriend.

How many seasons does Yukon Gold have?


Where is Big Al from?

To that end, Big Al's was born. Opened in 2006, Big Al's Vancouver (WA) was the first of its kind to bring bowling lanes, an arcade, and a sports book-style restaurant under one roof. The industry wasn't sure what to call Big Al's at the time, so the term “hybrid” Family Entertainment Center (FEC) was born.

Can you pan for gold in the Yukon?

Gold pans can be purchased at Canadian Tire in Whitehorse; or at Home Hardware, Gold Bottom Mine Tours, the Dawson Trading Post, or Claim 33 in Dawson City.

How much unmined gold is left?

In 2018, U.S. gold mine production totaled about 210 tonnes, down 11 percent from 2017, according to the USGS. The estimated price tag of all that gold was $8.6 billion. The USGS reports that about 18,000 tonnes of gold remain undiscovered in the U.S., with another 15,000 tonnes having been identified but not mined.

Why is there so much gold in the Yukon?

There are gold-rich veins beneath present-day Dawson City. Millennia of weathering broke up the vein gold into smaller pieces: nuggets and flakes of gold dust known as placer gold. The placer gold washed into the streams and creeks that feed the Klondike River.

Can you pan for gold in Canada?

You can pan as much as you want in Ontario as long as it isn't for commercial purposes. Not sure what you hope to accomplish in your search for gold but Southern Ontario is closed to staking so if you hope to find a gold mine you will have to go to northern Ontario.

Do all streams have gold?

First let's take a look at rivers that flow through known gold rich areas. In most cases, the creeks and rivers that flow through mining areas will indeed have some gold in them. However, the amount will vary considerably depending on many factors.

Is Yukon gold on Netflix?

Yukon Gold - (2017) - Netflix
Gold miners -- both new and experienced -- tackle the rugged terrain of the Yukon while searching for that most elusive of prizes: gold. Yukon Gold follows four gold mining crews who have only four short months in Canada's wild Yukon to earn one BIG payday.

Who died on the Gold Rush?

James Harness of the Discovery Channel series Gold Rush has died at the age of 57. The reality star passed away a week ago, according to his children that spoke to.