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What does va va va voom mean?

By: Mathias ObetzhauserUpdated: February 02, 2020


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    October 01, 2022
noun. informal the quality of being interesting, exciting, or sexually appealing.

Considering this, is Va Va Voom French?

"In one of more than 2,000 new inclusions in the 11th edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, published today, the official definition of [French footballer, Thierry] Henry's favourite word [va-va-voom] is "the quality of being exciting, vigorous, or sexually attractive".

One may also ask, where does va va voom come from?

Va-va-voom first appeared in the lyrics of a 1950s song and is used in an advertisement for Renault cars featuring the Arsenal and France star. Its inclusion in the new dictionary proves the power of the media over language.

Who said va va voom?

Nicki Minaj

Is Voom a word?

VOOM is not a valid scrabble word.


What is Vava?

Acronym. Definition. VAVA. Value Added by Voluntary Agencies.