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What does online transfer to CHK mean?

By: Andreas UrbanczykUpdated: February 09, 2021


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    September 25, 2022
It means online transfer to checking account XXXXXXXXX. It was done via online banking. It implies you or someone else on your account have another checking account.

Also, what does it mean when it says processing on Bank of America?

Payment processing is a secure way to handle credit and debit card transactions across all your sales channels, from the storefront to the street to the web.

Also to know, how do I pay my credit card bill online Bank of America?

If you're paying your bill from an account at another financial institution, select the Manage Pay To/Pay From Accounts link from the Bill Pay menu, then select the Add Pay From Account button and follow the instructions (you'll need your bank's 9-digit routing number and your account number in order to set up the Pay

What is BA electronic payment?


Can I use my available balance if I still have money pending?

Every deposit must be verified and authorized before it becomes available for use. Therefore, when a deposit is pending, you cannot use any of the money. Only when a pending deposit is approved and added to your 'available balance' does it become accessible.


What is a check card transaction?

The Definition of a Check Card. Check cards are also known as debit cards. They are a type of payment card that draws against your checking account. In other words, when you use your check card, the funds for the purchase come directly out of your checking account.

How do I find out what charges are on my bank statement?

How Do I Find Out What a Charge Is on My Bank Statement?
  1. Contact the bank. Whether you call your bank's customer service telephone line, send a message through your bank's online banking portal or visit the bank in person, contacting the bank is a critical step.
  2. Contact the vendor who charged.
  3. Check your receipts or account documentation.

What is Fdes?

The Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics (FDES 2013) is a flexible, multi-purpose conceptual and statistical framework that is comprehensive and integrative in nature. It also endorsed the action plan (Blueprint for Action) and the establishment of an Expert Group on Environment Statistics.

How do you know if a check has cleared?

Sign up for online banking with your bank. When you log in, you will be able to look at your statement online. Your bank will put pending charges on there as they are presented to the bank from your debit card spending and they will put your cleared checks on there as well.

What does balance on deposit mean?

Deposit Balance means the amount from time to time standing to the credit of the Account (being the property of the Tenant).

What is a bank adjustment?

Bank Adjustments are records added to the bank to increase or decrease the current Bank balance. They can be added with a type of Payment, Deposit, or Transfer Out (and into another Financial Edge bank selected) depending on the necessary change.

What does Indn mean on Bank of America statement?

This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand INDN in the Business field in general and in the Banking terminology in particular. Indication. Usually seen on bank statements. Business » Banking. Add to My List Edit this Entry.

What does collected balance mean?

Collected Balance means the Current Balance less all Items for which final credit has not been given by the Lender, if a positive number. Collected Balance means, on any day, all funds on deposit in the Designated Account for which final credit has been given to Borrower.

What does available to cover items posting mean?

When a bank tells you funds from a check are available to cover items on a certain day it means that a check you deposited has cleared and the money therein will be available to cover whatever items you want it to cover (be available to pay the bills).

What does credit returned CK mean?

A paid overdraft or returned item (insufficient funds/NSF) fee may occur when an item is presented for payment and there are not enough available funds in your money market or checking account to cover the transaction.

How do I remove a hold from my bank account?

How to Remove a Balance Hold From a Bank Account
  1. Ask the bank to release your hold sooner, especially if the deposit was a local check.
  2. Remove a hold faster by depositing a check into your account on a day before another business day.
  3. Give hotels and car rentals your debit card number prior to arriving at your destination.

What does it mean when a check is returned?

A returned check is a check that the receiving bank does not honor. If you're the check writer, having a check boomerang means that your bank will not pay the person or business to whom you wrote it. And if you received the check, a returned check is one for which you won't get paid—at least not right away.

How do you read the back of a cashed check?

How to Read the Back of a Cashed Check
  1. Look at the recipient's signature or business stamp at the top of the check. Confirm that the signer's name matches the recipient's name at the front of the check.
  2. Read the bank processor identification.
  3. Notice the processed date.
  4. Note the processing bank's telephone number on line six.

What does credit pending available to cover items posting on?

Presumably it mean that a check you deposited won't be credited to your account until it clears. In other words you can't use the funds until that day and if checks you've written come in and there isn't enough in the account to cover them without the funds from that particular deposit, the checks will bounce.

What is a pre encoded deposit?

Has anyone seen customers/members try to deposit checks - through MDC - that are already encoded? We have a local vendor that issues checks pre-encoded to prevent fraud (their explanation). However, in my experience, pre-encoding means that the item has already been deposited elsewhere.

What is a checking account for?

A checking account is a deposit account held at a financial institution that allows withdrawals and deposits. A checking account differs from other bank accounts in that it often allows for numerous withdrawals and unlimited deposits, whereas savings accounts sometimes limit both.