What does O'Donoghue mean?

By: Edward Dal SantoUpdated: December 26, 2020


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(O')Donoghue, with its variants Donohue, Donahoe, Donohoe, etc. comes from the Irish O Donnchadha, which derives from the popular personal name Donncha, from donn, meaning "brown". The surname would thus mean literally "descendant of the brown-haired (or brown-complexioned) man".

In this regard, is Donoghue an Irish name?

Last name: Donoghue
This ancient surname recorded in various spellings is one of the most important and numerous of Irish surname. It derives form the Gaelic compound "Donn" meaning brown plus "cath" meaning battle and was applied to a "descendant of Downcha", Downcha being a personal name.

Likewise, how do you pronounce O Donoghue?

The US family members pronounce the name Oh-Don-Oh-Hew, the Irish cousins pronounce it Oh-Don-a-Hoo.

How do you spell O Donoghue?

Donoghue or O'Donoghue is an anglicized form of the Irish language surname Ó Donnchadha or Ó Donnchú.

What does Donohue mean in Irish?

Donahue is the Americanized version of Irish surname Donohoe, which, in turn, is an Anglicized version of the ancient Irish name "Donnchadh" (sometimes "Donncha"). The ancestors of the modern Donahues took the name O'Donnchadha, meaning "the son of Donnacha" or "of the line of Donnacha".


What are some Irish last names?

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How much is Danny from the Script worth?

Danny O'Donoghue net worth: Danny O'Donoghue is an Irish singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $16 million dollars. Daniel John Mark Luke O'Donoghue was born in Dublin, Ireland in October 1980. He is best known for being the front man of the Irish band The Script and for being a coach on The Voice UK.