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What does Bob FM stand for?

By: Marcel AdelUpdated: January 26, 2021


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    September 26, 2022
Bob FM stations are officially classified as variety hits or adult hits by radio research companies. It was originally named for the "Best of the Best", and subsequently associated with an everyday character named Bob, and it proved extremely successful in its first implementation on Winnipeg, Manitoba's CFWM.

In respect to this, what has happened to Bob FM?

Frequent trailers proclaimed "Heart is coming." On 31 May 2019 the final live presented show, "BOB's Breakfast" with Brett Harley and Chris Hubbard ended with "Are You with Me" by Lost Frequencies. BOB fm ceased broadcasting at 4pm, handing over to Heart Hertfordshire for the station's drivetime show from Watford.

Additionally, what station is Bob FM in Florida?

102.9 FM

What happened to Bob FM in Wichita?

As of Tuesday afternoon, it was still off the air. Rocking M's KKGQ, 92.3-FM, which is now known as the Brand instead of Kansas Country, returned last week as did KWME, 92.7-FM, which is now called Jammin' and is a rhythm-and-blues station. Look for more details as they become available.

What is Bob mean sexually?

Bend Over Boyfriend, slang term for a sexual practice.


What did Jack FM used to be?

On December 2, 2009, Bristol radio station Original FM changed to Jack FM after requesting a format change with OFCOM. Two further Jack FM stations were planned on DAB digital radio from 2008 for Northamptonshire and Northeast Wales and West Cheshire but by August 2009 were a year late with no indication of an ETA.

What number is Bob FM?

94.9 BOB FM, Grand Cayman ZFBB-FM of Hurley's Media Ltd.

What kind of music does Jack FM play?

The format has also been likened to an MP3 player set on shuffle mode. The stations that have the Jack FM format are in most cases officially classified as "adult hits" or "variety hits" by radio research companies.

What is Union Jack radio?

Union JACK. JACK Radio. Website. www.jackfm.co.uk. JACKfm is an adult hits format radio station that broadcasts on 106.8 MHz FM in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, and on DAB in Oxfordshire.

What is Bob in business?

Business Online Banking (various locations) BOB. Buy on Board (cruise ship business) BOB. Bank of Baroda.