What does a Moke cost?

By: Dan WatersUpdated: February 08, 2021


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    August 09, 2022
Pricing starts at $25,000 and tops out at $33,275. If you are in the market for a new beach cruiser, Moke USA in Miami will sell you one.

Moreover, how fast can a Moke go?

25 MPH

Similarly, who owns Moke America?

Todd Rome

Who makes the Moke?

British Motor Corporation
British Motor Corporation (Australia)
British Leyland

Are mini electric cars street legal?

NEVs in many states are restricted to roads with a speed limit of 35 mph (56 km/h) or less. As of February 2012, NEVs are street-legal in 46 states.


What is a Mini Moke?

The Mini Moke is a small, front-drive utility and recreational convertible, manufactured and marketed originally by British Motor Corporation (BMC), and subsequently marketed under the Austin, Morris and Leyland brands. The name combines Mini with Moke, an archaic term for "mule".

Where are Mokes made?

Mini Moke
Production 1964–1993
Assembly Vendas Novas, Portugal Setúbal, Portugal Longbridge plant, Birmingham, England Zetland, New South Wales, Australia Alor Setar, Malaysia Umtali, Rhodesia South Africa
Designer Sir Alec Issigonis, John Sheppard
Body and chassis

What is a Moke jeep?

First of all, for those not familiar with the Mini 'Moke' (British slang for donkey), that iconic vehicle that looks like a dropped Willys Jeep rolling with Prius spare tires above is derived from a British post WW2 program to design a vehicle that could be parachuted in behind enemy lines.

Are mini jeeps street legal?

60% of a standard Jeep for 10% of the price
Barnaby's pool, is that, like our favorite jammies, we physically grew out of them. Street legal except in California, Florida and Hawaii, the $2,499 Thunderbird Mini Jeep is available in army green, desert storm, navy gray, gray camo or green camo and ships for free.

How do you charge a Moke?

How do I charge the Moke? Electric Mokes can be charged in any household 110 outlet. Simply plug it into any household outlet. A full charge takes 8 hours and last for 40 miles.

How wide is a Mini Moke?

1.3 m