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What did Ann Sheridan die of?

By: Amar GoreUpdated: December 13, 2020


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Esophageal cancer

Besides, who was Ann Sheridan married to?

Scott McKay
m. 1966–1967
George Brent
m. 1942–1943
Edward Norris
m. 1936–1938

Also Know, what was Ann Sheridan famous for?

Clara Lou Sheridan (February 21, 1915 – January 21, 1967), known professionally as Ann Sheridan, was an American actress and singer. She worked regularly from 1934 until her death, first in film and later in television.

Could Ann Sheridan sing?

Born Clara Lou Sheridan in Texas in 1915, she was a tomboy as a girl. Ann trained as a teacher before a beauty contest win — which came with a screen test at Paramount –intervened. Although not a musical star, per se, Ann was allowed to sing in several films and had a damned good voice.

What year did Ann Sheridan die?

January 21, 1967


Is Ann Sheridan still alive?

Deceased (1915–1967)

Who was George Brent married to?

Janet Michaels
m. 1947–1974
Ann Sheridan
m. 1942–1943
Constance Worth
m. 1937–1937
Ruth Chatterton
m. 1932–1934
Helen Louise Campbell
m. 1925–1927

When was Ann Sheridan born?

February 21, 1915

What did George Brent die from?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

How tall is George Brent?

1.85 m