What county is Appling Ga in?

By: Sebastian DiazUpdated: March 22, 2021


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Columbia County

Besides, how was the land for Appling County acquired?

Land for the county came from territory ceded by the Creek Indians to Georgia in the 1814 Treaty of Fort Jackson and the 1818 Treaty of the Creek Agency. Appling was named as a posthumous honor for Colonel Daniel Appling of Columbia County, a well-known hero of the War of 1812 (1812-15).

One may also ask, what county is Baxley GA?

Appling County

How far is Baxley GA from Atlanta?

180.50 miles

What does Appling mean?

Appling is an unincorporated community in and the county seat of Columbia County, Georgia, United States. It is part of the Augusta metropolitan area.


What cities are in Appling County GA?


What county is Surrency GA?

Appling County

What is the population of Appling County Georgia?

18,507 (2018)

How far is Appling Ga from Augusta GA?

Distance from Appling, GA to Augusta, GA
There are 18.32 miles from Appling to Augusta in southeast direction and 24 miles (38.62 kilometers) by car, following the I-20 route.

Is Augusta the capital of Georgia?

Augusta was the second state capital of Georgia from 1785 until 1795 (alternating for a period with Savannah, the first).

What is Baxley Ga close to?

Baxley is approximately 42 miles (68 km) east of Douglas, 47 miles (76 km) north of Waycross and 29 miles (47 km) southwest of Glennville. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 8.4 square miles (21.7 km2), of which 0.012 square miles (0.03 km2), or 0.16%, is water.