What city name does not have an A in it?

By: Solomon Ubani D KingUpdated: March 12, 2021


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What's more, with some of the acknowledged great cities of the world not having the letter “a” in their name – London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Beijing, Delhi, Mexico City, Toronto, Moscow, Edinburgh, Berlin, Rome, Boston - I could go on – you really would question the use of this at all, apart

Similarly, what's a city that starts with a?

List of cities beginning with letter A
City Country
Adana Turkey
Adapazarı Turkey
Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Adelaide Australia

Furthermore, which state does not have an A?

There are fourteen states that do not have the letter A in them. The question implies ONE state. There are Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, New Mexico, Oregon, and Missouri, all without an A and without looking at a map.

What is the name of city in India?

The following is a list of top cities in India
Serial no. Indian Cities Literacy
1 Mumbai 90.28%
2 Delhi 86.34%
3 Bangalore 89%
4 Hyderabad 82.96%

What country has no A?

Of the 32 countries without letter A in their name, 12 are in Africa. These countries include Benin, Burundi, Comoros, Republic of the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Lesotho, Morocco, Niger, Seychelles, and Togo.


What country has 3 letter A in its name?

United States of America–more commonly known as the “United States” or “US”.

What letter is not used in any state name?

The letter that doesn't appear in any state names is Q!

What two letters do not sovereign country names begin with?

Meanwhile, Oman is the only country that starts with the letter O. Other rare letters include Q and Z; no countries but Zambia and Zimbabwe begin with the letter Z, while Qatar is the lone country that starts with Q.

What animals start with letter A?

Animal List A to Z
Aardwolf Proteles cristatus
Albatross, waved Diomedea irrorata
Alligator, american Alligator mississippiensis
Alligator, mississippi Alligator mississippiensis
Alpaca Lama pacos

What city name is in all 50 states?

According to a common factoid, there's a community called Springfield in all 50 states, but the U.S. Board on Geographic Names says that's not true: only 34 states have a Springfield. The real champ is Riverside. Unless you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, or Oklahoma, there's at least one Riverside in your state.

What country begins with A?

The following are countries starting with A:
  • Afghanistan.
  • Albania.
  • Algeria.
  • Andorra.
  • Angola.
  • Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Argentina.
  • Armenia.

What are some city names?

  • 2.1 Washington (88)
  • 2.2 Franklin (42)
  • 2.3 Arlington (38)
  • 2.4 Centerville (36)
  • 2.5 Lebanon (35)
  • 2.6 Clinton (33)
  • 2.7 Springfield (33)
  • 2.8 Georgetown (32)

What makes a city a city?

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines 'city' as 'a large town' or 'any town in the UK which has a cathedral'. This is the common meaning of the word throughout the world, and in most countries the size of a town is the deciding factor over whether it has city status. Large towns are automatically considered cities.

What is a place beginning with L?

Cities & towns starting with l in UK
  • La Fosse (Guernsey)
  • La Villiaze (Guernsey)
  • Laceby (Lincolnshire)
  • Lacock (Wiltshire)
  • Ladybank (Fife)
  • Laggan (Invernesshire)
  • Lairg (Invernesshire)
  • Lake Side (Cumbria)

Is there a city named Florida?

Location in Berkshire County and the state of Massachusetts. Florida is a town in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, United States. Florida contains the village of Drury. At the 2010 census the town had a total population of 752.

Is there a city named Hawaii?

There is one place named Hawaii in America. There is one place named Hawaii in Guatemala. Cities named Hawaii in America.