What are the main arguments for hs2?

By: Seth ReuterUpdated: April 11, 2021


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    June 26, 2022
The government claims that HS2 will move millions of air and road trips on to rail. It will open up space on the existing rail network for freight, taking hundreds of HGVs per hour off the roads. "High speed rail is the most efficient way of transporting people between cities," a DfT spokeswoman says.

Besides, who is against hs2?

The UK Independence Party (UKIP), which is fully opposed nationally and locally to the proposed HS2 plans. UKIP says there is no business case, no environment case and no money to pay for it. UKIP has been campaigning against HS2 as it is also part of the EU's Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Policy.

Also Know, what are the negatives of hs2?

Cons of HS2
HS2 may only benefit a small section of the population who use trains between major cities. Benefits of improved speed are debatable given that many people can now work on laptops away from the office. Environmental costs of building a new line through the Chilterns and Midlands.

Why is hs2 so expensive?

In a major infrastructure project such as this, the company in overall charge - HS2 Ltd - contracts out the work to a vast array of other companies. Companies contracted by HS2 Ltd in the early part of the project carried the risk associated with the work. That pushed prices up significantly.

What are the positives of hs2?

Released capacity essential to deliver major regional transport plans Midlands Engine Rail and Northern Powerhouse Rail; HS2 frees up space for 144 extra freight trains per day, enough to transport over 2.5million more lorries' worth of cargo on our railways each year.


Why is hs2 bad for the environment?

HS2 will have a devastating impact on precious wildlife and biodiversity. HS2 will pass through or adversely impact over 130 protected wildlife sites, including 10 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and over 50 ancient woodlands, many over 400 years old.

Does hs2 make sense?

HS2 has an extremely low cost-benefit ratio even if – by some miracle – it is built on budget. It makes no economic sense. But in the context of last December's political reconfiguration this London-centric trophy asset makes no political sense either.

Will hs2 ever happen?

The first phase of the HS2 high-speed railway between London and Birmingham will be delayed by up to five years, Transport Minister Grant Shapps says. That section of the line was due to open at the end of 2026, but it could now be between 2028 and 2031 before the first trains run on the route.

What are the alternatives to hs2?

That alternative is the little-known Great Central Railway. This ready-made high-speed line takes almost exactly the same route between London and the Midlands as HS2 would. It sits there, its viaducts and bridges unused, begging for trains.

How will hs2 help the economy?

Expenditure on HS2 will be spread over an 18-year period and, at less than 0.17% of annual GDP, this is a level of investment that the country can sustain. Once complete, estimates suggest HS2 could boost the economy by £15 billion every year. HS2 will provide new opportunities for the Midlands and the North.

How much does hs2 cost?

Oakervee's review estimated the project would cost between £80.7 billion and £88.7 billion in 2019 prices, a relative increase of £18.3 billion to £26.3 billion compared to the original budget.

How will hs2 help the North?

HS2 is planned to run up to 18 trains per hour at a top speed of 225mph, with phase one set to open in 2026. "HS2 will deliver additional rail capacity, significantly improve connections and provide opportunities for economic growth - with around £92bn in benefits - for people and businesses across the North."

What is the point in hs2?

What is the HS2 route? The new railway line running between London and the West Midlands would carry 400m-long (1,300ft) trains with as many as 1,100 seats per train. The line would enable trains to reach speeds of up to 250mph and would run as often as 14 times an hour in each direction.

How will hs2 affect businesses?

Improved links with the Midlands and the long-term capacity to connect with the North of England and Scotland will allow Westminster businesses to draw on a wider pool of labour and stimulate job growth.

Who is in Favour of hs2?

Organisations that support the HS2 project include: The three major UK political parties: Conservative, Labour (albeit with some criticism of the proposed route) and the Liberal Democrats.

Is hs2 needed?

HS2 is the engine for growth that this country needs. Expenditure on HS2 will be spread over an 18-year period and, at less than 0.17% of annual GDP, this is a level of investment that the country can sustain. HS2's positive effects will be felt even before the first trains start running in 2026.

Is hs2 good for the environment?

High speed rail travel is low carbon
HS2's long distance journeys will provide a low carbon alternative to the car or plane. HS2 will be a greener way to travel, offering some of the lowest carbon emissions per passenger kilometre: 7 times less than passenger cars. 17 less than domestic air travel.

Who owns hs2?

High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd is the company building Britain's new high speed railway. We are a public company, owned entirely by the Department for Transport. With our contractors, we are laying 345 miles of brand new track connecting the North, Midlands and South, helping to bring Britain closer together.

Will hs2 carry freight?

Meanwhile HS2 trains will be able to carry 576,000 people per day, reducing overcrowding on the existing network. Space will be created for 144 extra freight trains per day, which could carry over 2.5 million lorries' worth of cargo each year.

What happens if hs2 is Cancelled?

Sources close to HS2 Ltd warned that compensation schemes and purchases in progress would have to continue even if the project were cancelled – while it could take more than a decade to recoup just a fraction of the money spent on land and property. Insiders said this would also result in an avalanche of legal action.

How long is the hs2 line?

The proposed London to Birmingham line will be about 140 miles (225km) long and the total Y network will be around 330 miles (531km) long.