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What are the essentials of valid gift?

By: Natalie AdrianUpdated: January 03, 2021


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The three elements which are essential to the making of a valid gift are delivery, donative intent, and acceptance by the donee. The delivery of a gift is complete when it is made directly to the donee.

Thereof, when can a gift be revoked?

The donor and donee may agree that on the happening of any specified event which does not depend on the will of the donor a gift shall be suspended or revoked; but a gift which the parties agree shall be revocable wholly or in part, at the mere will of the donor, is void wholly or in part, as the case may be.

Beside above, how do I challenge a registered gift deed?

Can a Gift Deed be challenged? The gift deed can certainly be questioned in the court of law by filling a suit for such declaration. However, it will be challenged only if you are able to establish that the execution of the deed was not as per the wish of the donor or was executed under misrepresentation, fraud etc.

Is gift deed revocable in India?

A gift is valid and complete on registration. A deed of gift once executed and registered cannot be revoked, unless the mandatory requirement of Section 126 of Transfer of Property Act, 1882 is fulfilled.

What are three requirements of a completed gift?

In order for a gift to be legally effective, three requirements must be met:
  • Intention of donor to give the gift to the donee (donative intent)
  • Delivery of gift to donee.
  • Acceptance of gift by donee.


What are the different types of gifts?

Types of Gifts
  • Cash Gifts. Cash, often in the form of a check or credit card, is the simplest way to give.
  • Pledges.
  • Payroll Deduction.
  • Gifts in Kind (Personal Property)
  • Investments and Appreciated Securities.
  • Wills and Life Insurance Policies (Planned Gifts)
  • Matching Gifts.
  • Real Estate Gifts.

What is the difference between Will and gift?

The difference between WILL and GIFT DEED :
WILL comes into effect ONLY after the death of the testator (person making the WILL). GIFT DEED comes into effect the very day it is made.

What is hibba?

Hiba (Tamlik al ain), is an immediate and unconditional transfer of the ownership of some property or of some right, without any consideration or with some return (ewaz); and the term 'hiba' and 'gift' are often indiscriminately used but the term hiba is only one of the kinds of transactions which are covered by the

What is Hiba in property?

As per Hedaya, Hiba is defined technically as, “unconditional transfer of property, made immediately and without any exchange or consideration, by one person to another and accepted by or on behalf of the latter”.

What is the law of the gift?

A gift, in the law of property, is the voluntary transfer of property from one person (the donor or grantor) to another (the donee or grantee) without full valuable consideration. In order for a gift to be legally effective, three requirements must be met: Delivery of gift to donee. Acceptance of gift by donee.

What is a completed gift?

Under federal law, a gift is completed when the donor no longer has “dominion and control” over it. The IRS argued that the gifts were incomplete at the time of death, while the estate claimed they were completed.

What is gift in Transfer of Property Act?

According to Section 122 of Transfer of Property Act, 1882 'Gift' is defined as the transfer of certain existing moveable and immoveable property made voluntarily and without consideration, by one person called the donor, to another, called the donee, and accepted by or on behalf of the donee.

What are the three elements of a bailment?

Three elements are generally necessary for the existence of a bailment: delivery, acceptance, and consideration.

What is the first element necessary for the transfer of property to be a gift?

In addition to being irrevocable, there are three additional elements that a gift must meet in order to be valid: The donor must intend to make a present gift of the property; The donor must actually deliver the property to the donee. The donee must accept the gift.

Does a gift deed need to be registered?

If you give real estate or stocks or bonds as a gift, then you will need to get your Gift Deed registered with the appropriate authority. Remember that a Gift Deed is not a method to avoid estate taxes. In calculating estate taxes, all previous gifts would be taken into consideration.

What is onerous gift?

Onerous gifts. Where a gift in the form of a single transfer to the same person of several things of which one is, and the others are not burdened by an obligation, the donee can take nothing by the gift unless he accepts it fully.

What are the essential elements of Gift and when it can be revoked?

Section 126 of Transfer of Property Act states the ground of revocation and suspension of gifts: A gift can be revoked if there is a failure of consideration and if it were a contract then it might get rescinded.

Who can make a gift under Hindu law?

The traditional Hindu Law rules as to gifts were radically modified in 1882, by the passing of the Transfer of Property Act in that year. Under S. 123 of that Act, a gift of immovable property can only be effected by a registered instrument signed by or on behalf of the donor and attested by at least two witnesses.

Is Hiba valid in India?

A hiba of movable or immovable property is valid whether it is oral or in writing; whether it is attested or registered or not, provided that the delivery of possession has taken place according to the rules of Muslim Law[xx].

When physical delivery of possession is not necessary?

(3) Gift by Guardian to Ward:
In a gift to a minor or insane person the possession of the property is taken by the guardian. But, where the guardian himself makes any gift to his ward, the delivery of possession is not necessary.

How do you execute a gift deed?

The steps to follow in order to register a gift deed are:
  1. An approved valuation expert will evaluate the property to be gifted.
  2. The Donor and the Donee will sign the gift deed in the presence of 2 witnesses.
  3. Submit the signed document at the office of the Sub-Registrar nearest to the gifted property.