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What are the best silver mining stocks?

By: Ed EdingtonUpdated: April 20, 2021


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Top 5 Silver Mining Stocks to Buy Now
  • 1) FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER (TSX: FR) (NYSE: AG) First Majestic Silver owns and operates three producing mines in Mexico.
  • Cautionary Statements:

Thereof, what is the best silver ETF?

Here are the best silver ETFs for investing in silver bullion or for leveraged bets with silver miners.
  • iShares MSCI Global Silver Miners (NYSEMKT:SLVP)
  • iShares Silver Trust (NYSEMKT:SLV)
  • Global X Silver Miners ETF (NYSEMKT:SIL)

Also, who is the largest silver producer?


What city in Mexico produces a lot of silver?

Zacatecas is Mexico's leading silver producing state (46.5% of total; see map), well ahead of Chihuahua (16.6%), Durango (11.3%) and Sonora (6.9%).

Why silver is a bad investment?

The main dangers of investing in silver are that you could physically lose items like silver coins and bars and that the value can decline with changes in the market.


Why is silver so cheap now?

Silver prices have dropped to their lowest level since 2009, boosting demand for the physical metal at a rate not seen in a decade. Supplies of physical silver, as well as gold, “remain well below extremely strong demand,” said Dana Samuelson, president of precious-metals dealer American Gold Exchange, Inc.

Who owns the most silver?

JP Morgan Chase

Why silver is a good investment?

Among all the precious metals, silver, by virtue of being more affordable, has been a preferred choice of masses for ornaments and bullion investment. There is a good market, which offers fair price discovery and reasonable liquidity. All of these make this precious metal a good investment asset for many.

Who is the best company to buy silver from?

Top 10 Online Bullion Dealers
  1. APMEX. APMEX 1-ounce silver round.
  2. Money Metals Exchange. Staring in 2010, Money Metals has made significant progress becoming a top online bullion dealer.
  3. Provident Metals. is a subsidiary of Provident Metals, LLC.
  4. JM Bullion.
  5. Westminster Mint.
  6. SD Bullion.
  7. Gold & Silver, Inc.

Will silver ever go back up?

“The international silver market is poised to experience higher silver prices in 2020, even coming off the 4% increase in 2019,” says Michael DiRienzo, executive director of the Silver Institute, which pegged the 2019 average at $16.21, based on the London Bullion Market Association silver price.

What country buys the most silver?

With around one thousand metric tons from mines, the United States is also among the top 10 primary silver producers worldwide.

Consumption share of the leading silver consumers in 2010, by country.
Share of consumption
United States 21.6%
China 14.5%
Japan 11.6%
India 10.7%

What is the best stock to buy right now?

Stocks with the Most Momentum
Price ($) 12-Month Trailing Total Return (%)
DexCom Inc. (DXCM) 359.63 202.3
NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) 341.01 135.8
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) 52.74 99.5

How much is a 10 ounce bar of silver worth?

10 oz Silver Bars
Qty Check/Wire
1 - 9 $220.10
10 - 19 $217.10
20 - 49 $214.10
50 + $210.10

What are the best mining stocks to invest?

Top mining stocks to buy
Company Description
Barrick Gold (NYSE:GOLD) Gold and copper mining
BHP Group (NYSE:BHP) Diversified mining as well as oil and gas production
Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO) Industrial metals mining

How do you mine for silver?

Silver-bearing ores are mined by open-pit or underground methods and then are crushed and ground. Since virtually all the ores are sulfides, they are amenable to flotation separation, by which a 30- to 40-fold concentration of mineral values is usually achieved.

How important is silver to the world?

Because it is the best thermal and electrical conductor of all the metals, silver is ideal for electrical applications. Its antimicrobial, non-toxic qualities make it useful in medicine and consumer products. Its high luster and reflectivity make it perfect for jewelry, silverware, and mirrors.

What is the ETF for silver?

Top 8 Silver ETFs - ETF Database
Symbol ETF Name Category
SLV iShares Silver Trust Precious Metals
SIVR Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF Precious Metals
USLV VelocityShares 3x Long Silver ETN Leveraged Commodities
AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver Leveraged Commodities

What is the stock name for silver?

Although one of the riskier silver stocks on the market, I nevertheless believe First Majestic Silver (NYSE:AG) has upside potential.