Is Warwick Hospital closed to visitors?

By: Jordan PhamUpdated: December 08, 2020


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    June 26, 2022
The hospital has been closed to visitors for a week while staff ensured they had contained the virus, also known as they winter vomiting bug. Visitors are only allowed between 6pm and 8pm to the following wards: Farries Ward.

Also, what are the visiting times at Warwick Hospital?

The official visiting hours for the Trust are:
  • Monday to Friday 6.30pm to 8pm and.
  • Saturday and Sunday and Bank Holidays 11am - 8pm (see below for visiting hours on our maternity wards).

Beside above, how much is parking at Warwick Hospital?

Car parking
Length of Stay Charges
2 hours - 4 hours £4.70
4 hours - 6 hours £5.20
6 hours - 24 hours £6.20
Weekly Ticket £7.30

Does Warwick Hospital have WIFI?

Warwick Hospital radio
Radio Warneford provides an award-winning radio service for patients and visitors at Warwick Hospital. The station broadcasts a wide selection of programmes 24 hours a day via our free patient Wi-Fi service. Find out what's on and how to listen.

What is Avon Ward Warwick Hospital?

Avon ward were one of the lead implementers of the End PJ Paralysis initiative where the team encouraged patients to get up, dressed and moving. The team wanted to replicate these events and bring them into the hospital giving our patients the opportunity to enjoy them.


Are flowers banned from hospitals?

Flowers have been banned in most National Health Service hospitals in the UK since 1996, on the basis that their water contains bacteria. There has never been a confirmed case of these bacteria infecting patients. The risks of spillage, broken glass and pollen are more practical reasons for the ban.

How many beds does Warwick Hospital have?