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Is Trainline EU legit?

By: Mahmoud AlkhafajiUpdated: February 04, 2021


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    August 12, 2022 is perfectly fine for tickets in UK, France, Spain and Italy. They are hooked directly into those systems. (And maybe more?). Their prices are exactly the same as the national operators in those countries.

Also know, is Trainline cheaper than buying at Station?

Cheap train tickets can be a real benefit for those looking for a day out on a budget. Booking cheap train tickets in advance with Trainline can save you up to 61%* on a standard fare when bought at the train station, giving you great value for money for whatever your train journey is.

One may also ask, wHAT DOES NOT available to buy mean on Trainline?

The 'Limited availability' message will be displayed when you search for a journey and the ticket you are being shown has a limited number of tickets for purchase. This message will only be shown for Advance ticket fares, which are sold in limited numbers and so are subject to availability.

Who owns Trainline?

The company was bought from Exponent by the private equity firm KKR in January 2015. In August 2015, the company announced it had changed its name from to Trainline. In 2016, acquired Captain Train and re-branded it as Trainline EU.

Is Trainline a reliable website?

1. Re: Is the reliable? The ticket will be genuine, but is noted for poor customer service if anything goes wrong.


What is the cheapest way to get train tickets?

We've put together this list of steps to help you find cheap train tickets and low-cost fares.
  • Book early. Always book early.
  • Be flexible. Be Flexible.
  • Check alternative routes. Check alternative routes.
  • Avoid Peak times. Avoid Peak Times.
  • Avoid Friday and Sunday. Avoid Fridays and Sundays.
  • Get a Railcard.

Is it cheaper to buy a train ticket on the day?

An Advance On The Day ticket is not only easy to buy but it can also save money. It's cheaper than either of the other options for tickets bought on the day of travel, the Anytime or Off-Peak tickets. “We can take bookings as far ahead as 12 weeks from the time of a journey, but that's not how life works for everyone.

What is the cheapest way to buy train tickets?

How To Get Cheap Train Tickets
  1. Get a Railcard or 16-17 Saver. With a Railcard you can get 1/3 off the price of train fare.
  2. Book Advanced Fares.
  3. Buy a Season Pass.
  4. Use a Fare Finder.
  5. Avoid Booking Fees.
  6. Smart Ticketing.
  7. Use Promotions.
  8. Try Booking Late.

Why are two singles cheaper than a return?

These popular tickets are often super cheap because of how early they can be booked (they're available 12 weeks before the date of travel). While these tickets only come as Single options, you can be savvy and mix and match two Advance Single tickets to make up a return journey.

Do train tickets get more expensive?

Standard (aka not-advance) single and day tickets should be the same price no matter when you buy them. Though they will vary depending on whether they're anytime, off-peak, or super off-peak. Advance tickets are cheaper the earlier you buy them but they're often available until the day before.

Is it cheaper to buy single or return train tickets?

Two singles are only cheaper than a return when you are buying 'Advance' tickets. If you are buying tickets from a machine for immediate travel they won't be. Stations usually have at least one machine that accepts cash.

Can I use the Trainline app as my ticket?

Customers don't even need to print tickets, as you can easily book and use tickets with the Trainline app. Instead, we can send you a mobile ticket, straight to your phone. No more queuing at ticket machines for you. All you need is the Trainline app.

Does my Trainline ticket include the tube?

Yes. If you need to use the London Underground (the tube) to complete your journey, we'll package up the cost of your Overground and Underground tickets for you.

Why are single train tickets more expensive?

Fares are driven by things like fuel costs and operating taxes at the origin and departure cities, but the single largest variable to prices is market-forces like competition and the like..

How is Trainline cheaper?

Trainline is the biggest online rail bookings company in the UK, with millions of visits to its website every month. However, while the website is cheaper than rocking up just before travel and buying a ticket, it is no cheaper than using the National Rail website in advance, or websites of individual train companies.

Why is a single the same price as a return?

In general singles are not half the price of returns because they don't want people to avoid the fare - most people return, so they price the single at a similar level to the return to cut late-night/opportunistic fare avoidance.

Can I get a refund on my Trainline ticket?

You have 28 days from expiry of the ticket to request a refund. If you have an mobile ticket and it has already been activated you can no longer claim refund on that journey. Advance Single tickets cannot be refunded but can be exchanged for a new ticket on a different time/day. You'll have to keep the same route.

How do I avoid booking fees on Trainline?

The fee could be avoided by paying by debit card. The newest fees are £1 for having the tickets posted to you, or 50p if you choose to collect them from a “FastTicket” machine at a railway station. These latest fees can not be avoided, as you have to obtain the tickets somehow.

Why is there a booking fee on Trainline?

When you book on our website or our app, we may charge you a service fee. These fees go towards improving our products and services, so you can keep enjoying hassle-free travel by rail and coach.

Does Trainline charge a fee?

Does Trainline charge any fees to collect tickets or have them delivered? We do not charge delivery fees for providing mobile tickets, tickets you print at home, or tickets you collect at the station. We do charge delivery fees for any tickets sent to you in the post.

What is an advanced ticket?

Advance fares are single (one-way) tickets offering great value for money on many longer distance journeys. You must book in advance* and fares are sold in limited numbers and so subject to availability. In general, the further ahead you book, the cheaper the Advance fare will be.