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Is there a hosepipe ban in the UK?

By: Fred ZengUpdated: February 24, 2021


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United Kingdom
The provider sometimes states that their customers are not allowed to use a sprinkler or unattended hosepipe for a few days (or longer), but commonly, a total ban is enacted. Bans are usually in England and South Wales, rarely in Scotland because of the damper climate.

In respect to this, is there a hosepipe ban 2019?

Hosepipe Ban in 2019 very possible due to lack of rainfall
A lack of rainfall in recent weeks means that hosepipe bans may be needed in the most vulnerable parts of the country this year.

Additionally, why was there a hosepipe ban?

Last year a hosepipe ban affecting millions in the north west of England was called off after a rain deluge. Water supplier United Utilities had planned the ban for seven million households from August 5 2018.

Is there a hosepipe ban in Hampshire?

Southern Water may introduce hosepipe ban in Hampshire. Homes in the south of England could face the country's first hosepipe ban since 2012 due to falling river water levels in Hampshire. In May, there was less than 40% of average rainfall in Hampshire, Southern Water said.

Is there still a hosepipe ban?

Hosepipe Ban: Current Situation. There are no hosepipe bans in place in the UK. 3rd of September 2019: There are currently no hosepipe bans in the UK.


What is water restriction?

Water restriction limit certain uses of water for example irrigation of lawns, car washing, filling swimming pools, or hosing down pavement areas. Restrictions can limit the availability of water in terms of volume and/or the time when it can be used and its purpose.

Is there a hosepipe ban in London 2019?

There are currently no hosepipe bans in the UK.

Is Wollongong on water restrictions?

Current Restriction
Level 1 water restrictions are now in place. More than 85% of Greater Sydney's water supply relies on rain. Water restrictions apply to everyone in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. This includes both residents and businesses.