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Is the witness hard?

By: Mahesh BhagwatUpdated: January 09, 2021


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    June 27, 2022
It's hard, but every answer can be discovered through observation and logical deduction. Every single answer follows the rules and logic that the game teaches the player. It's much harder than any of the Portal games, and also tougher than The Talos Principle. Don't use a walkthrough.

Considering this, how do you play the witness?

There's no spoilers or puzzle solutions in this guide, only suggestions to help you achieve every satisfying “A-Ha” moment on your own.
  1. Think Outside the Box.
  2. Take in the Big Picture.
  3. Take Notes and Screenshots.
  4. Look for Logic.
  5. Retrace Your Steps.
  6. Save Puzzles for Later.
  7. Not All Puzzles Need Solving.

One may also ask, how do you solve a witness puzzle?

The Witness Tips and Tricks
  1. You can move more quickly by pressing the L2/Left Trigger and your movement stick.
  2. When in doubt, follow the wires.
  3. Use your surroundings to get some hints.
  4. Take a break.
  5. Spend less time blindly spamming answers to the puzzles, and more time thinking about how the mechanics behind it work.

Does the witness have a story?

Share All sharing options for: The Witness will have a story, but its puzzles will still teach without words. Jonathan Blow designed puzzles in The Witness to give players all the information they need without saying a word. Players must determine this on their own; there is no verbal communication during the game.

What is the point of the witness?

It sounds simple, but as you go through that journey, The Witness uses these elements to make claims about the human experience while also providing evidence for those claims. Put simply, The Witness is about exploration and the human need to reach out and understand the unknown.


How do you finish a witness?

Once you've activated at least seven lasers in The Witness, you can reach the end of the game by traveling to the top of the mountain and unlocking the box with a simple swipe.

How do you get the secret ending in witness?

Secret Ending - Easter Egg Guide
  1. At the beginning of the game, you appear in a long tube passage.
  2. Complete the first line puzzle, then complete the second to reach a colorful garden.
  3. To the right, you'll see a locked gate with a tall pillar of bright white light.
  4. Line up the pillar of light with the bright white of the sun.

Is the witness good?

The Witness is an exemplary way to make a puzzle game. The game's puzzles are pure logic and beautifully build upon one another. If you don't truly understand how one puzzle's mechanics work, it'll greatly hinder your ability to solve more advanced puzzles later on.

What does the ending of the witness mean?

A rather literal way of saying that the value of The Witness is in the journey, not the end - that figuring out these puzzles doesn't give a single concrete Truth. This ending says that what's important isn't the 'meaning' of the puzzles, but what one can take outside of the game into real life.

Does the witness have multiple endings?

The endings are not exclusive. You can see one, the other, or both. One of the endings is the normal ending, which you will see if you just follow the natural progression of the game. The other is a secret ending, which is actually accessible at any point of the game, but knowing how to find it is a bit trickier.

Is the witness on switch?

A Nintendo Switch version of Braid creator Jonathan Blow's latest game, The Witness, is not in the works right now. Asked about the possibility of the celebrated game coming to Nintendo's hybrid console, Blow said on Twitter (via NeoGAF), "We are not working on such a port at this time."

What is the story of the witness game?

The Witness claims that the search for truth is the story of humanity. Individually, we witness existence moment to moment, and then we collectively combine those experiences over eons to empower the next generation of explorers to witness something new as a representative of our species.

Can you play the witness with a controller?

Yes, you can. There is full controller support (both XInput and DirectInput) for this game. Also, if you're going to use an Xbox controller, check out this fix. ;)

What do the triangles mean in the witness?

The Witness has many mysterious Collectibles that include strange Discarded Panels with yellow triangle markers scattered about the island. They all feature triangle icons - where the number of triangles in a square is related to how many times a line can touch the square.

How many lasers does a witness have?

Areas. The island of The Witness is divided into 18 main areas, 11 of which contain lasers.

Can I get a witness meaning?

So when a story is told in a social setting, “Can I get a witness?” means “Do you know what I mean, have you experienced it?” They are asking for an acknowlegement of the truth in the story. In church the “Witness” tells a personal story.

Is the witness just line puzzles?

In The Witness, you complete line puzzles over and over in much the same way as meditation practitioner seeks illumination by breathing in and out. When people say “The Witness is boring, it's just line puzzles”, I imagine them saying “meditation is pointless, it's just breathing”.