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Is Shady Side MD a good place to live?

By: Matthew EllsworthUpdated: February 04, 2021


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    June 28, 2022
Living in Shady Side offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. In Shady Side there are a lot of parks. Many young professionals live in Shady Side and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Shady Side are above average.

Keeping this in consideration, what county is Shady Side MD in?

Anne Arundel County

Beside above, how far is shady side from Annapolis?

9.50 miles

What you need to know about moving to Maryland?

24 Things You Need To Know About Maryland Before You Move There
  • Maryland Does Crab Cakes Like No Place In The World.
  • Forget Your Block, In Maryland Your County Is Your Family.
  • If Maryland Was A Flavor It Would Be Old Bay Seasoning.
  • There's Nothing More Maryland Than Natty Boh.
  • The Baltimore Ravens Are Maryland's Salvation.

Is downtown Annapolis safe?

It is definitely not safe. I highly recommend looking just outside of downtown in West Annapolis. It is still within walking distance to downtown and very safe. Uhh the presidents streets are no where near Clay street.


Where should I live in Anne Arundel County?

Top Places to Live in Anne Arundel County
  • A+ Crofton. 89 reviews.
  • Severna Park. 101 reviews.
  • Odenton. 116 reviews.
  • Arnold. 57 reviews.
  • Annapolis. 178 reviews.

What side is Maryland on?

Maryland is bounded on its north by Pennsylvania, on its west by West Virginia, on its east by Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean, and on its south, across the Potomac River, by West Virginia and Virginia.

Is Anne Arundel County Safe?

It is a bit more affordable than living in DC or Baltimore. This is a great area, lots of things to do and great school system and parks. The area is also very safe. Anne Arundel County is a nice and diverse area.

What's it like to live in Annapolis MD?

Living in Annapolis offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. In Annapolis there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many families and young professionals live in Annapolis and residents tend to have moderate political views.

Is Crofton MD a safe place to live?

It has a very good education system and an even better housing market. It has rarely any instances of crime and is very safe, accommodating and family friendly.

Is Anne Arundel County a good place to live?

Anne Arundel County is one of the best places to live in Maryland. In Anne Arundel County, most residents own their homes. In Anne Arundel County there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The public schools in Anne Arundel County are above average.