Is Odysseus a modern day hero?

By: Titan PlusUpdated: March 23, 2021


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In Homer's, The Odyssey, I believe that Odysseus is a true modern hero. During his long and perilous journey home Odysseus shows many heroic qualities that help save his men from many dangerous situations. He first shows his Valiant behavior during the war in Troy, he cares about his crew and survives the war.

Moreover, what superhero is similar to Odysseus?

Similarities: I think Odysseus and Superman are similar to each other, because of their way of acting. They both have a story that tells why they were important to their friends, family, and/or guardians. Odysseus and Superman have the same kind of courage and knowledge to do things.

Beside above, how does Odysseus die?

Having come to Ithaca, he drove away some of the cattle, and when Odysseus defended them, Telegonus 3 wounded him with the spear he had in his hands, which was barbed with the spine of a stingray, and Odysseus died of the wound.

What did Odysseus wear?

Odysseus had a woolen purple cloak, a two-fold one, and in it was a pin of gold. To begin with the obvious, the cloak and the khiton together are apparently a sign of status and a gift that a guest might expect from his host.

Why is Odysseus different from other heroes?

Another more positive way in which Odysseus is different to other Greek heroes is the way in which he gains his victories. He is not the pure brawn of heroes such as Achilles and Agamemnon that we see in the Iliad. Odysseus is a hero of wit and logic; his battles are won through deceit and quick thinking.


How does Odysseus feel about the war?

How does Odysseus (Ulysses) feel about the war? Odysseus does not want to leave his house and family to embark on an adventure overseas for the sake of a faithless woman. He thinks it is pointless and is reluctant to go.

Why Odysseus was a hero?

In the spiritual sense Odysseus is a hero, because he remains faithful and loyal to his wife and household. We find out through the Odyssey that Odysseus was the man that saved the Greeks in the Trojan War and helped them win this terrible war. He came up with the idea of the Trojan horse.

Did Odysseus want to fight in the Trojan War?

Odysseus fought in the Trojan war because he had in the past sought the hand of Helen and had sworn an oath to protect her. He tries to avoid this

What is the difference between an epic hero and a modern hero?

One of the biggest differences between epic and modern heroes consists of their physical abilities. Epic heroes can have incomparable strength such as Beowulf. Modern heroes resemble everyone else in their civilization. Heroes, these days, do not have to rely on the use physical capabilities to accomplish great deeds.

Is Odysseus a hero or not essay?

Odysseus is not a hero based on the standards of merciful, selfless, and gentle because of his actions of sacrificing his men, killing the suitors and being ruthless throughout the Odyssey. Along with many others qualities these three are helpful and necessary in a hero.

How does Odysseus show he is an epic hero?

A trait that makes Odysseus an epic hero is that he is very courageous and intelligence. He showed courage and intelligence when he was in Polyphemus the Cyclops's cave. All his men panicked but Odysseus kept his cool.

What are some examples of Odysseus being a hero?

Odysseus demonstrates heroic, god-like qualities throughout The Odyssey. In one instance, he cleverly tricks and blinds the Cyclops Polyphemus, saving his crew from certain death. Odysseus also bravely travels to Hades to learn his fate.

How does Odysseus compare with other heroes in literature?

Out of all the heroes in Greek and Roman literature, Odysseus stands out singularly in one area. He is the hero that wins not through brawn but through cunning. From this perspective, he can be seen sort of an anti-hero. He wins through deceit, disguises, smooth talking and wiles.

Is the Odyssey real?

The obvious conclusion is that The Odyssey is an amalgam of real and fictional characters. Gustav Schwab, Odysseus returns to fight the suitors (1892). We also looked at to what extent certain characters in the story make connections in the way you would expect in the real world.

Is Odysseus a God?

He is not a god, but he does have a connection with the gods on his mother's side of the family. While on one hunting trip, Odysseus was gored by a wild boar, an incident that left a scar.

Why did the gods hate Odysseus?

When Odysseus set sail away from Calypso's island, Poseidon spotted him and caused him to become shipwrecked. In this way, Poseidon is seen to be a very direct god in that he instantly causes problems for Odysseus himself instead of working through other means like Athena.

Where was Odysseus buried?

After finishing his task in the underworld, Odysseus returned to Aeaea and cremated Elpenor's body, then buried him with his armour and marked the grave with an oar of his ship.

Is Odysseus the son of Zeus?

Hence, Odysseus was the great-grandson of the Olympian god Hermes. According to the Iliad and Odyssey, his father is Laertes and his mother Anticlea, although there was a non-Homeric tradition that Sisyphus was his true father.

Who Killed Paris?


Who are Odysseus parents?

According to Homer, Odysseus was king of Ithaca, son of Laertes and Anticleia (the daughter of Autolycus of Parnassus), and father, by his wife, Penelope, of Telemachus. (In later tradition, Odysseus was instead the son of Sisyphus and fathered sons by Circe, Calypso, and others.)