Is mrunal good for UPSC?

By: Fred Johnson JrUpdated: January 07, 2021


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    September 25, 2022
yes I will not say that mrunal is not good for upsc but it is not sufficient for it . upsc has huge syllabus ,do you think it is possible to cover all these from just one website . you will not even able to qualify prelims .

Simply so, how can I read NCERTs for UPSC?

An effective way to read NCERTs for UPSC Civil Services
  1. You can choose any subject first and then, start from class 6 to 12 for that particular subject book.
  2. In your first reading, try to clear every concept of topics, and then during 2nd reading, you can make your own notes.
  3. Generally, for history, the old NCERT books are recommended and, for geography, new ones.

Furthermore, is mrunal economy sufficient for UPSC?

Mrunal Videos are a very good option in order to prepare for IAS. As they are very crisp, easy to understand and to the point. Just keep in mind to remember everything u grasp from the videos and jot down the points coz that is very necessary.

How read laxmikant effectively mrunal?

  1. Revision is the key. Don't expect to remember all the facts and details the very first time.
  2. Don't even try that.
  3. Most importantly , analyze previous year's question papers.
  4. Link with current affairs.
  5. FR, FD , DPSP etc are difficult as they have laws and by-laws.
  6. Link , Link , Link - Easiest way to crack UPSC.

Is laxmikant enough for polity?

Laxmikanth covers most of the STATIC topics required for Indian polity. Thus it should be enough for UPSC Prelims to answer all the questions relating to the STATIC part of Polity. However, if your basics are fine then a single book is enough for polity in UPSC.


Can I clear UPSC without coaching?

Yes, one can clear IAS exam without coaching. If you are good at self-study, you can clear UPSC CSE without any classroom coaching. ClearIAS website and ClearIAS mobile app are started just to help the bright minds in India do self-study and crack this exam!

Who is mrunal Patel IAS?

He hails from Gujarat. Mrunal was graduated from LM College of pharmacy, Ahmedabad. at Gujarat which conducts Entrance test for UPSC aspirants and selected candidates will get coaching & dwelling facilities for free. Mrunal had cleared it.

Is self study enough for IAS?

“When you indulge in self-studying, you are completely able to focus on your study material and not go on adding more to it. This is difficult in case of self-studying. Coaching can be very helpful in scoring well in UPSC exams as there is always a time constraint involved. Self-study can take a lot of time to prepare.

Is Roman Saini married?

Roman Saini Age, Caste, Wife, Family, Biography & More
Wife/Spouse N/A
Parents Father- Name Not Known (an Engineer) Mother- Name Not Known (homemaker)
Siblings Brother- Avesh Saini (a paediatrician); image in the Parents' section above Sister- Ayushee Saini (a medical student)
Favourite Things

Which current affairs is best for IAS?

  • THE HINDU-newspaper-see only the parts which may stick into syllabus.
  • BYJU's current affairs(you cant study all from the hindu due to time constraint .
  • IAS baba (gives articles you must know)
  • INSIGHTS ON INDIA(good source-but vast)
  • VISION IAS-monthly documents- available as free in vision.

Who got highest marks in UPSC optional ever?

In 2018, Vishal Sah secured an All India Rank of 63 in the UPSC Civil Service Examination, and also scored the highest marks that year (329) in his optional paper, which was Sociology.

Is laxmikant enough for GS Paper 2?

LakshmiKant is not enough for mains. There are some static points for Governance syllabus and you can just put these points when asked (Eg: NGO, SHG etc….) with examples.

Are vision current affairs sufficient?

Yes, VisionIAS current affairs is enough for CSE , not for an IAS .

Is 1 year current affairs enough for UPSC?

Yes, a single year of Current Affairs preparation is enough for the UPSC CSE 2019 Prelims. Current Affairs is not a static topic or subject that you can finish in a given period of time. You need to read the newspapers every day, watch the news channel and read thoroughly Yojana, Kurukshetra and PIB magazines.

Is Unacademy useful for UPSC?

Yes! Unacademy is perfect for UPSC preparation. But at the end it all depends upon you when it comes to the performance. Unacademy provides you knowledge, counselling and guidance.

How many days IAS current affairs?

On an average, around 9 months of Current Affairs is required for UPSC. You can start your preparation now if you want to qualify for UPSC 2019 Prelims. A period of 8-9 months may either be a long time or less time according to your preparation strategy.

Can we prepare PSIR without coaching?

I prepared PSIR after prelims: without any classroom coaching or answer writing practice. Since optional constitutes 500/2025 towards the merit list, it is important to outperform in it to get into the service of your choice.

Which optional can be prepared without coaching?

Let it be sociology, history, political science, geography and other humanties optional have performed well over the years and a lot of their syllabus overlaps with general studies papers. All these optional have performed well over the years and anyone can do them who is working hard

Are coaching notes enough for UPSC?

Coaching notes are helpful and easy to revise before the exam. But they can only supplement but never substitute standard books. You have to remember that UPSC is not at all like a graduation exam. In college, it's fairly easy to read just the notes and score really well.

Which site is best for current affairs for UPSC?

Hence people need guidance and help for these exams, so here are the 10 best sites for current affairs for IAS exams.
  • Byjus.
  • Iasbaba.
  • Upsctoday.
  • Arunace.
  • Onlinetyari.
  • Youtube.
  • Upsctoday. For all of the latest current affairs that keep going on and helps the people to prepare for their competitive exams.
  • Gktoday.