Is Molly coming back to our girl?

By: Michael VioxUpdated: February 24, 2021


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    August 14, 2022
All we know for certain so far is that Michelle Keegan won't be reprising her role if the BBC green-lights Our Girl season five. After two years on the show, she's decided to move onto new projects. Lacey Turner has also admitted that she'd be happy to reprise her role of original series lead Molly.

Beside this, where did Molly go in our girl?

Series 1. Feisty and unstoppable, we watched as she transformed her life from a dead end job in a nail bar in the East End of London to training up as a serving soldier in the British Army Medical Corps.

Also Know, why did they replace Lacey Turner in our girl?

Drama series believed to be continuing without her
Michelle Keegan has quit the BBC drama Our Girl after four series, in order to “spend more time at home”. The actor has played Lance Corporal Georgie Lane since 2016, having replaced former star Lacey Turner.

Are Molly and Captain James married?

Even though their marriage occurred off-screen, the relationship between Captain James and Molly captivated the hearts of viewers. So, when he revealed that the relationship was over in last week's episode (July 17), fans were gutted. It's not as though Molly and Captain James have only been married for a few months.

Did fingers die our girl?

OUR Girl has devastated fans as beloved character Fingers dies from his wounds after being shot in last week's episode. Georgie (Michelle Keegan) lead the charge to keep her brother-in-law Fingers alive and even performed a dangerous procedure where she released the pressure on his lung with a syringe.


How did our girl end?

The finale saw Keegan's Sergeant Georgie Lane figure out who the real Aatan Omar and finally get some closure following the death of her fiancée Elvis (Luke Pasqualino). Despite some tense moments, the episode ended on an optimistic yet heartfelt note, with many viewers taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Why did Michelle leave our girl?

Michelle Keegan has announced she is leaving BBC drama Our Girl after four years playing army medic Georgie Lane. "Playing Georgie has been a life changing role for me. I've loved every second so it was a very hard decision to make not to return."

Who was the first our girl?

LACEY Turner held the lead role of Our Girl when the show first aired, until Michelle Keegan took over in 2014. But Michelle announced she would be leaving the BBC drama after season four, leaving fans wondering who will replace her.

Who was the first actress in our girl?

Our Girl is a British television military drama series, written and created by Tony Grounds, first broadcast on BBC One on 24 March 2013. The series initially starred Lacey Turner as Molly Dawes, a young working-class woman, who joins the British Army after deciding her life is going down the drain.

How did Smurf die in our girl?

During a trip to West Ham's ground, Smurf suddenly dropped to the floor. While he was rushed to hospital, it emerged Smurf had suffered a bleed on the brain and was dead.

Is our girl coming back 2020?

Our Girl season 5 trailer
obviously! The trailer for season four (see below) dropped a little less than three weeks ahead of the show's return on BBC One on 24th March 2020, so that's a reasonable indication of when we could expect to see the first footage from any future episodes.

Does fingers survive in our girl?

Viewers were gripped by the scenes as the soldiers battled to get Fingers back to the hospital. Despite her best efforts, the emergency surgery back at base wasn't enough and Fingers didn't survive.

Is There a New our girl?

Michelle Keegan has been confirmed to return for the new series of Our Girl, reprising her role as Georgie Lane who has now been promoted to Sergeant. It has been confirmed that series four will be Keegan's last in the role. There are some new faces joining the cast, too.

Why isn't Ben Aldridge in our girl?

Quite possibly. Ben hasn't officially quit the show – he just wasn't able to film the current series because he had already committed to other projects. However, one person who won't be returning in Michelle Keegan. The actress confirmed at the start of the year that this series would be Georgie's last.

What happened in our girl?

Our Girl returned to BBC One this week (March 24) and is already pulling at our heartstrings by revisiting the storyline of Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) and her lost love Elvis Hart (Luke Pasqualino), who was killed in an explosion during the first half of an earlier season.

What happens to Molly Dawes?

Molly's experiences in Afghanistan will see her grow as an individual and feel empowered as a woman for the first time in her life. During her tour, she falls for mysterious Captain Charles James. The two wed, later revealed in season two, but following season four, it has been revealed that the two have split.

What happened between Molly and Captain James?

In fact, it was revealed after Molly's departure that she and Captain James got married off-screen. However, this season, he has confessed to Georgie that he now has feelings for her, which suggests his marriage could be over. This means the show has kept the possibility of her return alive.

Did Captain James die in our girl?

The episode's denouement saw him helicoptered to hospital, his life hanging in the balance, after Bones (played by Olly Rix) and his Special Forces team arrived on the scene to save him and Georgie (Michelle Keegan) with moments to spare.