Is Limnos the same as Lemnos?

By: Matthew SUpdated: January 18, 2021


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Lemnos (or Limnos) is a large island sitting in the northeastern Aegean Sea, between Lesvos and Thassos. Due to its long distance from Athens, Lemnos is one of those Greek islands that has managed to stay under the radar, so it is a rather secluded place, even during the summer.

Also to know is, how far is Lemnos from Athens?

255 km

Additionally, how do I get to Lemnos Greece?

Ferries to Limnos (Lemnos) are available from following ports:
  1. Kavala (1.5 hour drive from Thessaloniki): travel time - 3.5 hours - the best combination.
  2. Thessaloniki: journey time - 7 hours.
  3. Lavrio (Athens): journey time - 10 hours.
  4. iraeus (Athens): travel time - 24 hours.

What is the population of Lemnos Greece?

Lemnos Λήμνος
Lowest elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2011)
• Municipality 16,992
• Municipality density 36/km2 (92/sq mi)

What is Lemnos known for?

Located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, Lemnos (or Limnos) is an incredible island situated between Lesvos and Thassos. Worth visiting all year round, Lemnos is known as the homeland of the Amazons and home of God Hephaestus.


What does Lemnos mean?

Lemnos (Greek: Λήμνος; Ancient Greek: Λ?μνος) is a Greek island in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. At 477.583 square kilometres (184.396 sq mi), it is the 8th-largest island of Greece.

How big is Lemnos?

477.3 km²

Why weren't there any men on the island of Lemnos?

Lemnos is an island in the northern Aegean Sea. When the ARGONAUTS, in their way to Colchis, came to Lemnos, they found out that all males had been murdered. For the Lemnian women, having learned that their husbands had taken Thracian wives, resolved to kill all men in Lemnos.

Is Thanos a Greek island?

Thanos - Lemnos (Greece)
Thanos is located four kilometers southeast of Myrina, the capital of Lemnos. Three kilometres south of Thanos is the beach of Thanos. This is one of the beautiful sandy beaches of the island. Thanos-beach is located in a lovely bay and is surrounded by impressive volcanic rocks.

Are there any deserts in Greece?

Lemnos: Home to Greece's Unique Desert. Lemnos is a magical place. A small island in the northern Aegean, the place where the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet. Another reason why Lemnos is so special is that according to several people the island is the home of the only European desert.