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Is it okay to change dentist for braces?

By: Ahmed FouadUpdated: April 15, 2021


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    May 20, 2022
Yes, it is possible, however it should only be done if necessary. If you move house to a new city or state for example, you may have to change orthodontists purely for practical reasons. Orthodontists are used to transferring details between each other and will ensure your records are sent to your new practitioner.

In this manner, what happens if you have braces and you move?

Sometimes families need to relocate while one of their family members is in the middle of orthodontic treatment. If the move is a significant distance, they likely will have to find a new orthodontist to continue their treatment.

Secondly, can a different orthodontist tighten my braces?

Yes! Despite all the protestations you hear from Big Tech, there is a simple privacy law that makes sense without destroying th Once you get braces on, it is unlikely that you can get a different dentist to perform any adjustments to them without a referral from the original dentist that placed the braces.

Can I get my braces taken off somewhere else?

Usually, the last visit to your orthodontist is included in the overall cost of the treatment. But some orthodontists will charge the last visit separately, or you may end up getting the braces removed by a different doctor because you've moved.

Can you have braces for 10 years?

Although braces are helpful, they will not correct an overbite if a child is under 10 years old. The big issue is that new teeth will continue to grow along the lower jaw. Children who have buck teeth can have them corrected with braces when they are around 12 years old.


Do braces make your lips bigger?

The beauty of braces treatment is in their results. To answer one of the common queries of “Do braces make your lips bigger?” if you have a small or medium overbite, your lips will change, but subtly. On the bright side, you can end up having a bigger and brighter smile after your orthodontic treatment.

Can an orthodontist refuse to remove braces?

The orthodontist can refuse to do any work he wants for any reason, if its his own practice.

How long can you go without tightening your braces?

Patients with minimally crooked teeth and no issues with jaw alignment might wear braces for as little as six months, where patients with more serious malocclusions and misalignments may wear braces for at least two or three years.

Can braces go wrong?

Braces make good oral hygiene harder to accomplish, and they make bad hygiene worse. These effects long outlast the short duration of orthodontic treatment. Gums also recede from teeth moving. The metal from braces may also contribute to gum recession.

What happens if you keep braces on too long?

When braces are worn too long, there is also a chance that it can cause nerve damage. If your orthodontist is allowing you to wear your braces for too long, there is a good chance they are not properly trained. And just like anything over time, the longer you wear braces, the more chance you have of damaging them.

Do braces weaken the teeth?

Overall, braces will not make the teeth loose. However, in rare cases of root resorption the orthodontist will monitor the progress and advise the patient accordingly. Patients wearing braces should always communicate their thoughts to their orthodontist to get their concerns addressed right away.

How often should my braces be tightened?

Every mouth is different, so there is no one way of knowing how often your braces need to be adjusted. Orthodontist typically schedule check-up appointment for every 4-6 weeks, because that seems to be the average amount of time needed between adjustments. That said, you might need them more or less often.

What happens if you don't pay for your braces?

If you can't afford them at all they will either halt treatment until you can start payments again or they will book you in to remove your braces.

How can I get out of my braces contract?

your insurance for any outstanding balance, if applicable; (3) Remove your braces at your request for the $300 Early Removal Fee or transfer your case to a qualified Orthodontist at your request; (4) cancel all future appointments with us; (5) Assess an Early Termination Fee.

What will happens if braces are not adjusted?

The pressure that the braces place on your teeth to cause movement will reduce over time, making it necessary that the orthodontist re-establish the force needed to straighten your teeth. Without adjustments, your teeth will stop moving and treatment will not progress.

Can I stop my braces treatment?

When Stopping Treatment May Be The Right Answer
For whatever reason, very long brace treatments are not a good idea as the teeth can become damaged, especially if braces are not regularly checked.

Can you switch to Invisalign from braces?

Can I switch from metal braces to Invisalign? Some patients that are unhappy with their metal braces ask their orthodontist if it's possible to switch to Invisalign aligners in the middle of their treatment. In some cases, switching from metal braces to Invisalign aligners is possible, but in other cases, it's not.

How do orthodontists transfer?

Transferring to a New Orthodontist
Please notify them that you will be changing orthodontists as soon as you know and request your orthodontic records from them. Hopefully, they will provide you with an American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) transfer form that has all the information we need for you.

Do you have to change your braces every month?

Your orthodontist will be adjusting the braces and changing the wires and bands periodically. Probably every month or so. Depending on how long your treatment is (usually 24 months) they will be tightened frequently. The orthodontist may also add brackets, wires and different elastics during the course of treatment.