Is Hiveswap Act 2 out?

By: Emir CabukogluUpdated: April 03, 2021


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    August 11, 2022
Act 2 has yet to be released. A direct continuation of Hiveswap: Act 1, it will be the second of four Hiveswap acts.

In this way, do you need to read homestuck to play Hiveswap?

Do I have to read Homestuck to enjoy Hiveswap? Nope, not at all! Hiveswap is a self-contained story, and features its own unique setting and characters. Readers of the comic may spot a few in-jokes and references here and there, of course, but it's designed to be completely accessible and fun for everyone.

Furthermore, is Hiveswap a prequel?

'Hiveswap: Act 1' is a prequel to the (very) long-running webcomic, Homestuck.

Is Hiveswap Friendsim canon?

Hiveswap Friendship Simulator, or Hiveswap Friendsim is a loosely-canon Ren'Py-based Visual Novel spin-off of Hiveswap, which in turn is a spin-off of Homestuck. It was made as a means to tide over the wait until the release of Act 2 of Hiveswap. The first volume was released on April 13, 2018.

How old is karkat?

Age: When he was introduced, he was 6 sweeps (13 earth years), but now is currently 9 sweeps (21 years old). (Age may change depending on roleplay). Title: Knight of Blood.


How old is Joey Claire?

fourteen year old

How long would it take to read homestuck?

Assuming you did nothing but read Homestuck from 7am to 2am for four days straight, that is about 107 pages per hour, or almost two pages per minute.

Who made Hiveswap?

What Pumpkin
What Pumpkin Games, Inc.

Is Homestuck a video game?

Homestuck, like all other stories on MS Paint Adventures, was built on extensive parody of video games, most notably classic adventure games. The "mock adventure game" format has driven the creation of every page in the story, often with readers supplying commands for what the characters should do next.

What are Homestuck trolls?

Trolls are a race of aliens in Homestuck from the planet Alternia, which exists in a separate universe. They were introduced as a group of twelve internet trolls, who often bothered the kids on Pesterchum, before being revealed as literal trolls. They are the protagonists of Hivebent, the first half of Act 5.

Is Homestuck over?

The popular webcomic Homestuck drew to a close today, almost exactly seven years after it began. After 8,150 pages since its April 13, 2009, debut, creator Andrew Hussie chose to end the series with a video. Homestuck is a sprawling, complex series, despite its Microsoft Paint-inspired surface.

Is Homestuck worth reading?

Homestuck,” the masterpiece, was the event, the community, the shifting pace of updates, the constant chatter between fandom and author. Homestuck is done. If you missed it, you missed it. It may still be worth reading the comic, but it won't be Homestuck.

What is Hivebent?

Hivebent is a game/adventure that takes up the entirety of Act 5 Act 1. It revolves around the troll session of Sburb (Sgrub), and mirrors the opening of Homestuck. The purpose of Hivebent was to introduce and flesh out the twelve trolls, as well as supply some information on the purpose and mechanics of the game.