Is Herschel a man?

By: Mikhail KutuzovUpdated: May 02, 2021


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All Herschel's products are aimed at 18-35-year-old men and women.

Besides, is Herschel waterproof?

Each bag is water-resistant and comes in bright blue, white, black or grey. As always, Herschel taps into current trends and offers both large and small hip packs as well — which are the perfect size for a day on the trails.

Additionally, is Herschel a good brand?

Herschel (Affordable Packs For Every day) Every student needs a good backpack. Something that they carry their laptop and notebooks in, but that isn't waaaay too expensive - as most packs today are. Brands like Osprey and North Face make amazing backpacks, but not a lot of students can afford their high price tag.

Who does Herschel ship with?

Shipping Price Time
Standard Ground Free 3-5 Business Days
Fedex/UPS $25 2-3 Business Days

Why are Herschel bags so popular?

Herschel focuses on producing functional bags and accessories for the 'everyday traveler', and its designs are grounded in “timeless silhouettes inspired by the world around us” with thoughtful details to enhance customer utility. Herschel designs are vintage inspired but with a modern twist.


How much is Herschel worth?

Herschel now sells in around 70 countries and is distributed through a network of 7,000 retailers. "We're under $100 billion in sales," Lyndon says sarcastically.

Are Herschel bags vegan?

All of Herschel Supply's products are animal free/vegan friendly with the exception of collaboration items, any Cotton Canvas products our Market tote and our Woodlands backpack. Herschel bags are vegan, with exceptions.

Is Herschel unisex?

Are Herschel backpacks for guys or are they unisex? - Quora. Are Herschel backpacks for guys or are they unisex? Both men and women use this item and unlike clothing these are pretty much always unisex.

What is the biggest Herschel backpack?

The Herschel Pop Quiz is the most popular Herschel backpack here at Rushfaster. Its large capacity, faux fur-lined padded laptop section and durable construction make it a great workhorse for uni students and creative professionals alike.

Can you wash a Herschel backpack?

We recommend hand washing the product with a mild soap (no stronger than dish soap) and hanging to air dry. We do not recommend machine washing or dry cleaning your product as this may affect the integrity of the product materials.

Where are Herschel bags made?

One of the most surprising aspects of Herschel might be where its products are manufactured. Even though its design aesthetics are firmly rooted in North American heritage, much of Herschel's products are manufactured in China, a matter that the brand has happily maintained transparency around.

What kind of name is Herschel?

Herschel. The name Herschel means Deer and is of Hebrew origin.

What did William Herschel invent?

Sir William Herschel was a German-born British astronomer and composer, who is widely credited as the founder of sidereal astronomy for observing the heavenly bodies. He found the planet Uranus and its two moons, and formulated a theory of stellar evolution.

Are backpacks unisex?

Any backpack in the world is unisex if you ask me. Both men and women use this item and unlike clothing these are pretty much always unisex. There are of course some fashionable models that may suit ladies more than gentleman but in general anyone can carry any kind of a backpack he or she wants to carry.

What are Herschel backpacks made of?

Created with a 20 oz. heavyweight cotton canvas material, full grain leather and antique brass hardware, the Heavyweight Cotton Canvas range has become a staple in our seasonal collections. Available in a series of backpacks, travel bags, totes and more, these bags are built for generations of use.

Is Herschel backpack good for travel?

If you're looking for a portable Herschel backpack, this is definitely one of your top options. It is amazing for travelling since it can literally fit into the pocket of your jacket. It takes up virtually no space, and it is an additional bag that you can bring on your trip - great for exploration of new cities.

How does Herschel lifetime warranty work?

Herschel stands behind the quality of their products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Their guarantee that every Herschel Supply item is free of material and manufacturing defects. This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, accidents or any modification to a Herschel Supply item.

How long do Herschel bags last?

The Luggage and Apparel Limited Warranty is valid for 5 years, beginning on the date of purchase from an authorized Herschel Supply retailer. However, the Luggage & Apparel Limited Warranty will immediately become void if the product is purchased from an unauthorized retailer.