Is Hareem Farooq married?

By: Pamela MooreUpdated: February 01, 2021


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    August 19, 2022
Beautiful Clicks of Gorgeous Hareem Farooq from Recent Wedding Event. Imran Raza Kazmi, the film producer of Siyaah, Janan, and Parchi, recent got married in Islamabad. The wedding videos and pictures went viral over the internet and everyone absolutely loved the couple.

Herein, who is hareem Shah father name?

Zarar Hussain Shah

Also Know, who is hareem Shah family?

Hareem Shah Family Background
Hareem belongs to Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pakistan. Hareem's Father name is Syed Zarrar Hussain Shah. He works in a government department. A few days back he posted a video to apologize from the Pakistani Nation for whatever her daughter is doing.

Is Ali Rehman Khan married?

Ali then took to Instagram and finally announced that he was in fact getting married and the rumors were true. Very enthusiastically, Ali invited the entire nation to his wedding, declaring that he would tie the knot on December 20th on live television on GEO's morning show.

Who is Hareem Farooq married to?

Ali Rehman Khan


Who is hareem Shah biography?

Hareem Shah Age & Biography:
Hareem Shah is a celebrated TikTok star. She rose to acclaim by a TikTok video which shot inside the meeting room of Pakistan's service of external affairs. She was born on 28 December 1991 and her current age is 28 years . She additionally sat on the seat of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Who is hareem Shah Wikipedia?

Hareem Shah. Born to Zarar Hussain Shah, she was born as Fiza Hussain and studied at religious school. She is a student of Masters of Philosophy in Competitive Religion at University of Peshawar. In December 2019, she was harassed at an opening ceremony of a mall in Dubai.

Who is hareem Shah tik?

Hareem Shah is from the Kyber Pakhtunkhwa province but is now a resident of Islamabad. Her parents hold government jobs and she has three sisters and three brothers. The TikTok celebrity is an M. Phil student in Competitive Religion.

Why is hareem Shah famous?

Hareem Shah is famous Pakistani Tik Tok star. Most of the people know her due to her Tik Tok videos. But she became more popular when Hareem Shah and Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan video became viral on social media. After Fayyaz ul Hassan, Hareem Shah and Sheik Rasheed's videos were viral on the internet.

What does hareem Shah do?

Fiza Hussain, known by her stage name Hareem Shah, is a Pakistani social media star who became famous from her videos on TikTok. She plans to leave Pakistan and has applied for emigration to Canada.

How old is Ali Rehman?

32 years (May 6, 1988)

Is Ali Rehman Khan Pathan?

Rehman was born in Islamabad to a Pashtun Marwat tribe that belongs to Lakki Marwat . He attended University College of Islamabad where he pursued International Programmes and went on to receive his postgraduate degree from University of London.