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Is Encyclopedia Britannica Online Free?

By: Dany BoyUpdated: January 02, 2021


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    May 26, 2022
Britannica Goes Online, Free. The entire Encyclopedia Britannica, a 32-volume set that sells for $1,250 in book form, has been placed on the Internet free of charge, the publishers of the 231-year-old reference work announced Tuesday.

Likewise, people ask, can you still buy Encyclopedia Britannica?

Encyclopedia Britannica ceased print production in 2012. But World Book lives on. The only official sales outlet is the company's website. This year's Berkshire annual meeting is the first time in years that the print product has been hauled out for retail purchase, a company rep said Friday.

One may also ask, how much is Encyclopedia Britannica Online?

The flagship, 32-volume printed edition, available every two years, was sold for $1400. An online subscription costs around $70 per year and the company recently launched a set of apps ranging between $1.99 and $4.99 per month.

Is Encyclopedia Britannica a reliable source?

They are very reliable. The Encyclopædia Britannica has various articles about numerous topics. They are so well known that many citation makers online have it special, as they already include most of the information. The Encyclopedia Britannica is a very reliable source of information.

How does Britannica make money?

Not only are we digital, we are diversified. Only 15 % of our revenue comes from Britannica content. The other 85% comes from learning and instructional materials we sell to the elementary and high school markets and consumer space. We have been profitable for the last eight years.


Is Britannica a website or database?

A set of data is independent of the media that is used to represent it. As for whether it's a “database”, the electronic form used by Encyclopædia Britannica Online certainly is a database.

Are old encyclopedias worth any money?

What Are The Most Valuable Encyclopedias? Though a lack of relevance renders most complete encyclopedia set values at less than $75, there are some rare editions that have historical value. Older sets of encyclopedias can carry excellent value as well, especially if they're in good condition.

Is Britannica a scholarly source?

Encyclopedias are considered a scholarly source. The content is written by an academic for an academic audience. While entries are reviewed by an editorial board, they are not “peer-reviewed”.

Can I cite Encyclopedia Britannica?

If you are citing the entire encyclopedia/dictionary and not a specific article, exclude the following parts of the citation: the authors, the article title, and the “s.v.” abbreviation. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 8th ed.

Which encyclopedia is the best?

  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online. The online version of the Encyclopedia Britannica is a trusted source used by more than 4,755 universities worldwide, including Yale, Harvard and Oxford.
  • Bartleby.
  • Infoplease.
  • Questia.
  • dkonline.
  • Encyclopedia of Life.
  • Scholarpedia.

How much did Encyclopedia Britannica cost in 1990?

$3.49 total shipping cost for this complete set of 1989 Encyclopedia Britannica, updated to 1990. This set is in near-new condition. The covers are dark brown hard-covers with a blue band on some spines (Photographs emailed upon request).

What type of website is Britannica?

The Encyclopædia Britannica (Latin for "British Encyclopaedia") is a general knowledge English-language online encyclopaedia. It was formerly published by Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., and other publishers (for previous editions). It was written by about 100 full-time editors and more than 4,000 contributors.

Where is Encyclopedia Britannica located?

Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
Founded 1768 Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain
Country of origin Scotland
Headquarters location Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Key people Jacqui Safra, President, Karthik Krishnan, Global CEO
Imprints Merriam-Webster

What does Britannica mean?

Encyclopædia Britannica at Wikisource. The Encyclopædia Britannica (Latin for "British Encyclopaedia") is a general knowledge English-language online encyclopaedia.

What is Britannica school?

Welcome to Britannica School, a safe, up-to-date, and age-appropriate information resource for Elementary, Middle, and High School. Discover encyclopedia articles, multimedia, primary sources, games, and other learning resources that support student research and reinforce curriculum standards.

What do you do with Encyclopedia Britannica?

Recycling encyclopedias
Call your local library and ask if you may donate your set to be sold. Put it up for giveaway on If they're really old -- say, more than 100 years -- call a rare bookseller and ask if they're worth anything. Find out if a local recycler takes them.

Who edits Britannica?

15th edition: Benton Foundation and Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. (as a separate entity, alongside Inc.)

Edition summary.
Publication years 1801–1810
Size 20 volumes, 16,033 pages, 581 plates
Sales 4,000
Chief editor(s) James Millar

What type of source is Encyclopedia Britannica?

Depending on the scope of your research, encyclopedias can be referenced as primary sources. For example, the Encyclopedia Britannica, one of the most popular encyclopedias, was first published in 1768 and is considered a primary source for historians because of the significant value it gained over time.