Is Bougainville a country?

By: Stavros FostiropoulosUpdated: January 24, 2021


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Bougainville in Papua New Guinea May Become the World's Newest Country After Overwhelming Vote. It has held its special status as an autonomous region of the country since 2001 following a long war. Bougainville consists of a small cluster of islands, the two biggest of which are Bougainville Island and Buka Island.

Accordingly, what country does Bougainville island belong to?

Papua New Guinea

Similarly, what does Bougainville mean?

noun. an island in the W Pacific, in Papua New Guinea: the largest of the Solomon Islands: unilaterally declared independence in 1990; occupied by government troops in 1992, and granted autonomy in 2001. Chief town: Kieta.

Who named Bougainville?

Louis Antoine de Bougainville

Is Bougainville safe to visit?

In some central and southern areas of the main island, to this date there are virtually no foreigners. These areas should not be visited by independent travelers without seeking local advice. The north of the main island and the whole of Buka are quite safe for independent travel.


Why does Bougainville want independence?

Independence for Bougainville could embolden other remote provinces to seek to cut ties. Instability in one of the South Pacific's largest economies wouldn't be in the best interests of an often impoverished region.

Is Autonomous possible in PNG?

In PNG the only exception is Bougainville because it was not given its autonomous powers under normal political and governance consideration, but as a result of a civil war fought on its own soil.

What is the newest country in the world 2020?

South Sudan is the newest nation in the world. It seceded from Sudan in 2011.

Did Bougainville get independence?

2019 Bougainvillean independence referendum. A non-binding independence referendum was held in Bougainville, an autonomous region of Papua New Guinea, between 23 November and 7 December 2019. The vote is non-binding and the government of Papua New Guinea has the final say on what becomes of Bougainville.

Is Bougainville part of Australia?

Bougainville is a series of islands to the east of Papua New Guinea and the north-east of Australia, and it is technically part of the same island chain that makes up the Pacific nation of Solomon Islands.

How many languages does Bougainville speak?

With a population of approximately 200,000 speaking 21 distinct languages, 8 sub-languages, and 39 dialects, and with considerable cultural diversity both within and between language groups, Bougainville fits the Papua New Guinea pattern of remarkable cultural and linguistic diversity (there are more than 800 language

Who owns Bougainville Copper?

Mining giant Rio Tinto Group, which was historically Bougainville Copper Limited's major shareholder, exited on 30 June 2016 when it transferred its 53.8 per cent shareholding for distribution to the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

Who designed the Bougainville flag?

Flag of Bougainville
Use Autonomous Region of Bougainville
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 1975
Design Red and white upe headdress superimposed on a green and white kapkap, on a field of cobalt blue.
Designed by Johnathan and Moses Havini