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How tall is a low profile box spring?

By: Craig ListUpdated: April 07, 2021


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    May 21, 2022
Many manufacturers produce low profile box springs. Standard box springs measure 9 inches in height and low profile box springs measure between 5 and 5.5 inches The difference in height has no effect on the amount of support they provide to the mattress and both work with most mattresses and beds.

Similarly, you may ask, are low profile box springs good?

Low Profile Box Springs
These are made in the zero-deflection style but are about half the height of a standard foundation. They're good for those who don't like the rising heights of new mattresses. It will not affect the comfort to choose a different height, so it's up to your preference.

Subsequently, question is, does the height of a box spring matter?

Many premium mattresses are taller, so a low profile box spring evens out the total height. A lower bed is easier to get into and out of daily. It is easier to put sheets and pillows on a lower bed.

How high is a low profile mattress?

If you have a box spring and mattress together, they're much higher than a standard bed. Typically a low profile mattress is under 6 inches deep.

What is considered a low profile box spring?

The added height can make it difficult to get into bed for some people. Standard box springs measure 9 inches in height and low profile box springs measure between 5 and 5.5 inches The difference in height has no effect on the amount of support they provide to the mattress and both work with most mattresses and beds.


Is it better to have a low or high bed?

While a lower bed gives the appearance of more space, a taller bed looks more cohesive in a room with high ceilings. For design purposes, lower beds better suit contemporary and modern decor, while taller beds complement a traditional or a modern-glam aesthetic.

How do you fill the space between a mattress and a headboard?

For the sturdiest fix, simply screw one or more 2-inch-thick boards against the headboard at the height of the top of the mattress to fill in the space.

Why are beds so high now?

There are two things: the height of the bedframe and thickness of the boxspring/mattress assembly. The taller bed height was simply style. Some of it can be traced back to the sumptuous, over done styles of the 1980's, where everything was bigger, taller, grander than before.

What is a low profile box spring queen?

A low profile box spring (also known as a low profile foundation) serves the same purpose as a normal box spring but has been slimmed down to compensate for the increasing heights of modern mattresses. When used with a traditional box spring, they can be much higher than the standard height of beds a few decades ago.

What is the best low profile box spring?

Top 7 Low Profile Box Springs
  1. Zinus 4 Inch Low Profile Bi-Fold – Best Queen Size Box Spring.
  2. Zinus 5 Inch Low Profile Smart – Best King Size Box Spring.
  3. Zinus 4 Inch Low Profile Metal Smart – Best Box Spring for the Money.
  4. Simple Life Foundation Fully Assembled Box Spring – Top Low Profile Mattress Foundation.

What is the depth of a low profile box spring?

These particular products, also known as a low profile foundation, measure in at about a sleek five inches, compared to a traditional design and model that can measure up to nine inches. This isn't a bad thing, necessarily, but many people prefer the lower options because they cut the sleep height in half.

Does the type of box spring matter?

Although the low-profile box spring is much smaller in size, it still provides the same support and durability as a 9-inch box spring. The height of your box spring won't affect your mattress's performance in any way. It's merely a matter of preference and aesthetic value.

How much is a low profile box spring?

No squeaking, easy to transport, and easy to set up. Took maybe fifteen minutes! In Stock. Great quality and perfect fit for my low profile box springs.

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What can I use instead of a box spring?

7 Alternatives to Box Springs
  • Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Innerspring Mattress.
  • Hybrid Mattress.
  • Platform Bed.
  • Adjustable Bed.
  • Slats.
  • Nothing.

What is the height of a queen size box spring?

Queen foundations or box springs are usually around 59 inches wide by 78 inches long, not the longtime standard of 60 inches wide X 80 inches long.

Standard Bed Sizes/Measurements.
Bed Frame Size Bed Frame Dimensions
Full 53" x 75"
Queen 60" x 80"
King 76" x 80"
California King 72" x 84"

What is a thin box spring called?

Bunkie boards are ideal to save space. Because a bunkie board adds support to your mattress without adding extra height, they are great for platform or foundation beds. Bunkie boards are the alternative for box springs that work best with foam mattresses and are created to support the extra weight of a foam mattress.

Is an 8 inch mattress thick enough?

8 inch memory foam mattresses and below tend to be too thin to provide an adequate level of comfort and support for the average person. The right balance is best achieved with a mattress of 10 inches and above. You can regard the recommended standard mattress thickness for memory foam mattresses as 10 and 12 inch.