How old is Yu Darvish?

By: Queenie PengUpdated: November 01, 2020


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    June 26, 2022
33 years (August 16, 1986)

Consequently, what is Yu Darvish nationality?


How tall is Yu Darvish?

1.96 m

Who did Darvish marry?

Seiko Yamamoto
m. 2016
m. 2007–2012

What is Darvish salary?

20 million USD (2019)


Is Darvish married?

Seiko Yamamoto
m. 2016
m. 2007–2012

What is Darvish net worth?

Yu Darvish Net Worth: Yu Darvish is a Japanese professional baseball player who has a net worth of $23 million.

Where is Yu Darvish now?

Chicago Cubs
#11 / Pitcher

Can Yu Darvish speak English?

"He takes a lot of pride in his ability to speak English. When we met with him [during free agency], it was all in English." Darvish has already proven that he can do it under the pressure of talking to potential new employers.

What is Yu Darvish record?

Yu Darvish Bio. A four-time All-Star, Yu signed a six-year contract with the Cubs in February of 2018is 63-53 with a 3.57 ERA (417 ER/1,051.0 IP) and 1,299 strikeouts in 170-career major league starts with the Rangers (2012-17), Dodgers (2017) and Cubs (2018-19)

How good is Darvish?

On Saturday, he completed his best performance of the season against the Dodgers, striking out 10, walking just one, and allowing two hits over seven innings. On a broader scale, there's even more room for optimism. His 3.48 DRA is very good, as evidenced by his 72.8 DRA-. Clearly, there's more than meets the eye.

Where did Yu Darvish go to college?

Tohoku High School

Who does Yu Darvish play for now?

Chicago Cubs
#11 / Pitcher

Who are Yu Darvish parents?

Farsad Darvish

Has Yu Darvish won a World Series?

Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish has weighed in about the Astros' sign-stealing scandal, stating that the team's 2017 World Series title should be stripped. Darvish pitched against the Astros in Games 3 and 7 of the World Series while he was with the Dodgers in 2017. Houston won both contests.