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How much is Tom Leykis worth?

By: Joe SolutionsUpdated: November 26, 2020


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Tom Leykis net worth: Tom Leykis is an American talk radio personality who has a net worth of $22 million dollars. Most widely recognized for his syndicated show, "The Tom Leykis Show", which went off the air in fall 2009, Tom Leykis currently hosts the wine and food radio show, "The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis".

Also asked, what happened to Tom Leykis voice?

Tom took a two year break from radio, and now he is 55 years old. His voice could be weaker because as humans get older, they tend to lose muscle mass. This causes the mucous membranes inside a human's throat become thin and dry, thus making his voice weak.

Additionally, is Tom Leykis married?

Susan Leykis
m. 1993–2003

Where can I listen to Tom Leykis?

Unlike most podcasters, who have their wares all over the Internet, if you want to listen to Leykis, you visit his website, http://blowmeuptom.com or Tunein Radio, the site that houses 100,000 live radio stations to 50 million monthly users. He's not on iTunes, the no. 1 home for most podcasters.

Who started flash Friday?

The feature began as a one-time bit; while on the air, Leykis recalled a radio host he listened to as a child, who asked his listeners in New York apartments to flash their lights on and off and then to look outside to see how many neighbors were doing the same, as a way to gauge the audience size (Jean Shepherd).


Who was Tom Leykis married to?

Susan Leykis
m. 1993–2003

Is Tom Leykis retired?

In February 2018, Tom Leykis announced that he would be ending his live show that year. The final live episode aired on October 25, 2018.