How much does Mbwana Samatta earn?

By: Geoff SweetUpdated: February 10, 2021


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    August 11, 2022
His estimated salary is 4.050. 000 euros per year. That's equivalent to 337.500 euros per month.

Herein, how old is samatta?

27 years (December 23, 1992)

Secondly, how tall is samatta?

1.83 m

Where is samatta from?

Aston Villa F.C.

How much do Aston Villa players get paid?

In addition to his base weekly salary, Grealish, like most footballers, will also benefit from a range of bonuses, including rewards for appearances, milestones, goals and so on.


How much did Villa pay for samatta?

Aston Villa have completed an £8.5m deal for Genk striker Mbwana Samatta.

Is samatta playing against Watford?

Samatta will be the first Tanzanian to play in the Premier League but he won't be available for Villa's home match against Watford on Tuesday. "I'm so excited," Samatta said. Earlier, Villa forward Jonathan Kodjia completed a move to Qatar side Al-Gharafa for an undisclosed fee.

How did Joleon Lescott get his scar?

When he was five years old, Lescott was struck by a car outside his primary school, suffering severe head injuries leaving scarring on his forehead and hairline.