How many types of sugar gliders are there?

By: Sergey GolikovUpdated: February 11, 2021


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six species

Correspondingly, what colors can sugar gliders be?

Different Colors of Sugar Gliders
  • CLASSIC GRAY - the natural wild color in which all colors have originated from, will have the familiar bar under the ear.
  • ALBINO - all white, red eyes.
  • CREAMINO - cream colored body with tawny/tan/apricot markings where a wild type is black/brown, garnet eyes, a white glider with brown to red coloration on it's body.

What should I name my sugar glider?

Top Sugar Glider Names
  • Yoda.
  • Cuddles.
  • Gidget.
  • Savannah.
  • Sugar Baby.
  • Roo.
  • Buttercup.
  • Joey.

What is the best cage for a sugar glider?

A good cage size for a pair of sugar gliders is 24 inches deep by 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall (minimum). Larger is always better, keeping in mind that height is important for the gliders. The spacing of the wire should be no more than 1/2 inch.

Do Sugar Gliders have periods?

Sugar gliders reach sexual maturity when they are 7 to 10 months old. They have an estrous cycle of about 29 days.


Do Sugar Gliders bite?

Sugar gliders bite for various reasons ranging from fear, unfamiliar smells or self defense. Biting is the prime source of defense when a sugar glider feels threatened or trapped. Once you have earned its trust and formed a bond with your sugar glider, it will enjoy grooming you.

What is a female sugar glider called?

Sugar gliders nest in tree hollows with up to 10 other adults. In addition to forests, they've also been found in plantations and rural gardens. Females have one or two young, called joeys, at least once a year.

Do sugar gliders know their names?

Sugar gliders are exotic pets that are just as smart as dogs. When it comes time to name them, call them something that's easy for them to understand. If you train them, they can learn their name and come when you call.

Is a sugar glider a good pet?

All things considered, yes, a sugar glider could be a good pet for you — but they are not as low-maintenance as hamsters or gerbils. A sugar glider will require almost as much care as a cat would. Sugar gliders are considered rare and exotic animals in the United States, so they are not legal in every state.

What eats the sugar glider?

Predators of the Sugar Glider. A wide array of different animals commonly feed on sugar gliders. These predators are snakes, feral cats, quolls, kookaburras, lace monitor lizards, owls, mulgaras, foxes and antechinuses.

Can sugar gliders fly?

Unfortunately, sugar gliders cannot fly, but they do glide some impressive distances due to a unique body part that a few other animals also have.

How far can a Sugar Glider Glide?

Gliders glide with the fore- and hind-limbs extended at right angles to their body, with their feet flexed upwards. The animal launches itself from a tree, spreading its limbs to expose the gliding membranes. This creates an aerofoil enabling them to glide 50 metres (55 yards) or more.

Are sugar gliders dangerous?

The Dangers of Owning a Sugar Glider
Sugar Gliders are not dangerous or aggressive animals and are usually not defensive against humans. They do have small sharp teeth and claws and will bite if provoked, threatened, or frightened.

Do Sugar Gliders smell?

Sugar gliders have a mild odor, described as a sweet musky smell. While it may be a little stronger in the male at breeding season, it is not a strong or offensive odor.

What is a white sugar glider called?

Albino: A glider that is all white with red eyes. Albinos are generally born with a faint pigmentation including a yellow diamond, faint stripe, tip on tail or lining along the patagium and hands. This is a recessive gene and must be paired with another glider with the same recessive gene to reproduce an albino glider.

Are sugar gliders legal in the US?

Sugar gliders are illegal to own as pets in a few states, including Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania. Although native to Australia and New Guinea, sugar gliders are classified as exotic animals in the US.

Are Flying Squirrels the same as sugar gliders?

Sugar gliders and flying squirrels look amazingly similar. They are both furry animals of about the same size, with big eyes and a white belly. And they both glide from treetops using a thin piece of skin that is stretched between their legs. Flying squirrels, on the other hand, have much larger babies and no pouch.

What do you need in a sugar glider cage?

A good cage size for a pair of sugar gliders is 24 inches deep by 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall (minimum). Larger is always better, keeping in mind that height is important for the gliders. The spacing of the wire should be no more than 1/2 inch.

How much do Leucistic sugar gliders cost?

The cost of sugar gliders is also affected by the type of sugar glider it is; a common gray sugar glider costs $100-$300, leucistic hets sugar gliders cost $400-$700, white-faced types cost $300-$600, leucistic types cost $1500-$2500, mosaic types cost $2000-$3000, and albino sugar glider cost can be as high as $5000.

Are sugar gliders rodents?

A Sugar Glider is NOT a Rodent.
They are marsupials, in the same general family as a Kangaroo or a Koala Bear.As such, they are proven to have several distinct advantages over other household pets such as hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, squirrels, etc..

How long do sugar gliders live?

about 10 to 15 years