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How many plants make a pound?

By: Mohammed Ashraf MUpdated: November 07, 2020


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    September 28, 2022
Think about this: Grow sixteen plants under a 600-watt HPS lamp and produce about 37.5 grams or 1.3 oz of marijuana per plant. Grow four plants using a 600-watt HPS lamp and yield about 150 grams or 5.0 oz per plant. But grow one huge plant per 600-watt HPS, and you could produce a pound of marijuana per plant!

Also asked, how many pounds does a outdoor plant produce?

Generally speaking, you can expect 4-8 ounces in decent outdoor conditions, and as much as a pound from a plant that's been grown in perfect conditions.

Also, how many plants can I grow in a 10x10 room?


How many plants in 3x3 grow tent?

If you're using a 3x3 grow tent for flowering I would put two plants in 3 gallon pots the most . With a 9 sq ft canopy, if you drop in a 600hps or a 320w cob or quantum you could get like 12-16oz from 4 plants.

How many plants can I grow under 1000w LED?

Most LED grow lights usually be able to cover about 1- 6 plants.

How Many Plants Can I Grow?
Grow Space Size Minimum Number of Watts Required Number of Plants You Can Grow
9 sq ft (3×3) 450w 1-9 plants*
12 sq ft (3×4) 600w 1-12 plants*
16 sq ft (4×4) 800w 1-16 plants*
20 sq ft (4×5) 1000w 1-20 plants*


How big should my plants be after 2 weeks?

Week 2 Grow
Turn on all the lights and reduce the distance between the lamp and top of the marijuana plant to 1.6 ft (50cm), but make sure it doesn't get too hot. Also water your plants from below, this way the roots will search for the water and grow quickly in the bottom of the pot.

Does Topping increase yield?

Topping Marijuana Plants Can Increase Your Yield. The entire plant, in general, is allowed to get more light and produce bigger buds. Although individual colas might not be as large, the cumulative yield is much greater than an un-topped plant. It's vital that you top the plants early on so that you get a solid start.

Does Lollipopping increase yield?

Plus lollipopping is an opportunity to make clones. It is not a game changer for yields in and of itself but if you prune the bottoms and train out the tops it will help push more a few more g per cola.

What Week Do buds grow the most?

  • Week 1-3: Transition to Flowering.
  • Week 3-4: Budlets Form.
  • Week 4-6: Buds Start Fattening.
  • Week 6-8: Buds Ripen, Pistils Darken.
  • Harvest day is the best day! (well, until the day you try your buds for the first time!

Can you have too much light in a grow room?

Although too much light can impede plant growth, it's also a fairly easy problem to fix. There are a couple of common methods for remediating a too-bright greenhouse. Plant burn often comes about when plants are growing too close to the main source of light and heat.

Does more light equal more yield?

As long as you can control heat, bigger is better. The bigger the light, the better the penetration so you will get a better yield down low.

How tall can a plant grow?

They were about 5 feet tall at harvest, and produced more than a pound of bud! You can achieve almost any size or shape when growing indoors as long as you use plant training. But if a cannabis plant is left to grow outside with tons of sun and without any plant training, the sky is the limit for how big they can get!

How many plants do you need per square foot?

Example: you want to cover an area of 120 square feet with a spacing of 10". For 10" spacing the plants per square foot is 1.45. Multiply 1.45 x 120 and you get 174 plants needed.

How many seeds do you need to grow a plant?

In general, two to three seeds should be planted per hole. Seeds do not have 100% germination rates, so not every seed planted will sprout.

How many plants can go under 600w LED?

2 month plants should give about 40g per plant, so with about 9 you'll be able to easily fill a square meter and get up to 400g per 600w light. 3 month autoflowering plants grow much bigger, however, so you should only plant 4 per 600w light.

How many plants grow in a 4x8 tent?

If you use 5 gallon buckets in the 4x8 tent, you will be able to fit 18 plants.In the veg tent, keep clones in #1's or even solo cups and you should be able to fit a cloner,mother and more than enough clones to supply the bloom tent.