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How many episodes of classic Doctor Who are there?

By: Alexandre Magalhes Donnert SomUpdated: January 14, 2021


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    October 01, 2022
Between 23rd November 1963 and 6th December 1989 the BBC broadcast 695 episodes of Doctor Who. As of the time of writing (Feb 2015) there are 97 episodes (all from the first 6 series) missing from the archives, leaving 598 episodes surviving.

Likewise, people ask, who will be the 14th Doctor?

Julia Foster

Also to know, what was the last Doctor Who episode?

The King's Demons - Part Two

How long is each doctor who episode?

It was to be a regular weekly programme, each episode 25 minutes of transmission length. Discussions and plans for the programme had been in progress for a year.

How did the 12th Doctor die?

The Twelfth Doctor received his mortal wound when he was electrocuted by a Mondasian Cyberman. From that point onwards, he was living on borrowed time. He spends a few weeks with those kids, then decides to die fighting against the Cybermen in order to provide Nardole with enough time to save the children.


What is the doctor's real name?

Spin-off media offer the explanation that the Doctor's true name is unpronounceable by humans. In "The Name of the Doctor", the Eleventh Doctor tells companion Clara Oswald that the name "Doctor" is essentially a promise he made.

Why is Dr Who so popular?

Part of the reason that Doctor Who is so popular is that it established its own niche before anyone thought of doing the same—although the Inspector Space-Time episodes on Community show us what would have happened if a US version had been made.

What show has the most seasons?

List of longest-running scripted U.S. primetime television series
Number of seasons Series hideNumber of episodes
31 The Simpsons 684
21 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 478
20 Gunsmoke 635
20 Law & Order 456

What is the longest running TV show?

"Gunsmoke" (20 years)
The Western started as a radio series in 1952. The TV series began in 1955 and aired 635 episodes over the span of 20 years. It currently holds the record as the longest-running scripted US primetime TV series, but will soon be surpassed by "The Simpsons."

Who are the 13 doctors?

Doctor Who through the ages - all thirteen Doctors
  • Ahead of the new series of Doctor Who we've been doing a bit of time-travelling ourselves!
  • Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker (2017-present).
  • Twelfth Doctor: Peter Capaldi (2013-2017).
  • Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith (2010–2013).
  • Tenth Doctor: David Tennant (2005–2010).
  • Ninth Doctor: Christopher Eccleston (2005).

Which Doctor Who episodes are missing?

As a result of the cull, 97 of 253 episodes from the programme's first six years are currently missing, primarily from seasons 3 to 5, leaving 26 serials incomplete. Many more were considered lost until recovered from various sources, mostly overseas broadcasters.

How old is the doctor now?

Fast-forward a couple of incarnations, and in 1985's Revelation of the Daleks, the Sixth Doctor announces he is 900 years old. That incarnation was always prone to showing off, but his successor appears to concur: in the Seventh Doctor's debut story, he says he's 953.

Will Doctor Who ever end?

Doctor Who is now immortal, reveals the BBC. H e travels through time and space, saves the Earth, and has millions of fans all over the world. But as every "Whovian" knows, the Doctor cannot last for ever: Time Lords are able to regenerate only 12 times before they die.

Why is Doctor Who called Doctor Who?

When the show's creators settled on the name “Doctor” for the main character (basically calling him the Doctor was a short-hand to saying that this man is very educated), they decided to add to the mystery by making the name of the show something of a question.

Who was the best Doctor Who?

Best of 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Poll: Top 5 Doctors
  1. Tom Baker (The Fourth Doctor, 1974-1981)
  2. David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor, 2005-2010)
  3. Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor, 2010-2013)
  4. Patrick Troughton (The Second Doctor, 1966-1969)
  5. Jon Pertwee (The Third Doctor, 1970-1974)