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How many episodes is Utena?

By: Deborah Lee HayesUpdated: April 08, 2021


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Similarly, you may ask, does Utena die at end?

Also, to answer the above question, no, Utena did not die. Utena's desperate attempt to save Anthy and still failing at the end made her realise that she couldn't become a prince. But it wasn't because she didn't qualify but because she realised that she was pursuing and illusion.

Beside above, are Utena and anthy in love?

Utena's relationship with Anthy, going from close friends to family to blooming into love, is one of the most important themes in the series; both Utena and Anthy were confirmed to be in love by director Kunihiko Ikuhara.

How old is anthy Himemiya?

Anthy Himemiya
Age 14
Gayness 9
Boldness 7
Commitment 10

Why did anthy stab Utena?

The short answer to why Anthy stabs Utena is she does so out of fear of change. More detailed answer is this; Anthy stabbing Utena was not really due to loyalty/servitude to Akio (though that could be a factor) but it was because Utena was giving Anthy something really scary to her, hope and change.


Is Utena dead?

No, Utena didn't die, she just moved on to another world, meaning somewhere outside of the Academy ^.

Is Yuri a Utena?

Utena is not yuri. The yuri scenes have symbolic connotations.

How old is Utena?

Utena Tenjou
Rose Bride Anthy Himemiya
Rose Color White
Birthday December 29, 1983 (Age 14)
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Is Revolutionary Girl Utena on Netflix?

Revolutionary Girl Utena. Orphan Utena Tenjo is swept into the secrets and lies of swanky Ohtori Academy, where students secretly duel for the Rose Bride's hand, and her power.

What is the rose bride?

She finds herself drawn into a series of sword duels to win the hand of Anthy Himemiya, a mysterious girl known as the "Rose Bride" who possesses the "power to revolutionize the world".

What does Utena mean?

The meaning of the name Utena, means the sepals of a flower that protect the bloom.

Is Adolescence of Utena a sequel?

Adolescence of Utena has been alternately interpreted as a stand-alone adaptation of Revolutionary Girl Utena that exists in its own continuity, and as a sequel that is contiguous with the events of the anime series.