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How many cell phones are sold each year in the US?

By: Srikar SomineniUpdated: September 14, 2020


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In 2013, almost 145 million people in the United States owned a smartphone and this figure is set to rise to 220 million.

Smartphone sales in the United States from 2005 to 2019 (in billion U.S. dollars)
Sales in billion U.S. dollars
2019* 77.5
2018 79.1
2017 69
2016 55

In this way, how many phones have been sold in 2019?

In 2018, around 1.56 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. In the first quarter of 2019, around 88 percent of all smartphones sold to end users were phones with the Android operating system.

Subsequently, question is, how many Android phones are sold per year?

The number of Android smartphones sold increased from about 220 million units in 2011 to around 1.2 billion in 2015, while Symbian's sales declined to about 28 million units in 2012, and later on was discontinued. Android's market share jumped from two percent in early 2009 to nearly 82 percent by the end of 2016.

How many cell phones are sold each day?

4.14 million mobile phones

What is the number 1 selling phone in the world?

Share All sharing options for: Apple and Samsung dominate top selling phone lists for 2019. Apple produced the two top selling phone models in the world last year, the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, according to reports by Counterpoint Research and Omdia.


What is the number 1 selling cell phone in America?

Apple is still leading the US Smartphone market with a 39% share in Q3 2018.

Is Apple better than Samsung?

And the overall winner: Both Samsung and Apple make great phones. If you prefer Android, for example, go with Samsung. If the convenience of Face ID matters more to you, then buy Apple. These phones will all serve your needs, and major apps will run on both Android and iOS.

Which company sells the most phones?

Who Sells the Most Cell Phones?
Global Smart Phone Sales (by units sold)
Rank Company Global Market Share 2015 Q2
1 Samsung 21.4%
2 Apple 13.9%
3 Huawei 8.7%

What is the most popular phone in the world?

Apple's budget iPhone XR was the most popular phone in the world in 2019, figures suggest
  • Apple's iPhone XR was the most-shipped smartphone of 2019, a new report suggests.
  • According to tech-focused market research firm Omdia's Smartphone Model Market Tracker report, 46.3 million iPhone XR units were shipped last year.

What company sold the most phones in 2019?

Brands overall
Samsung still commands the list with 296.5-million units shipped in 2019, but Huawei's edging up with 238.5-million. Apple's gone down compared to 2018 – but they're also selling mostly higher-priced and more extravagant models, allowing them to remain monstrous!

Who sells more apple or android?

Apple iOS continues to hold its large share of the smartphone operating systems' market within the United States, but Google Android remains the market leader with a 51.8 percent share in September 2019.

Who sells the most phones Samsung or Apple?

Apple overtakes Samsung as the biggest smartphone vendor
The news is confirmed by a report from Counterpoint Research, which noted a slightly higher estimated 72.9 million iPhone units, compared to Samsung's 70 million units.

How many iPhones are sold per year?

In the fourth quarter of 2018 alone, Apple sold 46.89 million iPhones worldwide, a figure which slightly outpaced its sales from the corresponding quarter of 2017. In entire 2018, 217.72 million iPhones were shipped worldwide.

Is iPhone or Android more popular in the US?

Apple iOS continues to hold its large share of the smartphone operating systems' market within the United States, but Google Android remains the market leader with a 51.8 percent share in September 2019.

Who has the largest market share in mobile phones?

Xiaomi grew 7% YoY during the quarter. The OEM continued to lead the India smartphone market reaching its highest ever market share (30%) since Q1 2018. Compared to other major OEMs, Vivo declined less (10% YoY) during the quarter.

How many iPhones are sold each day?

If we take the data from 3rd Quarter 2016 until 1st Quarter of 2017, their sales are: Q3 2016: 40.4M iPhones (449.888 units per day). Q4 2016: 45.5M iPhones (505.555 units per day). Q1 2017: 78.29M iPhones (869.888 units per day).

Which country has the highest percentage of adults who own smartphones?

In 2018, South Korea had the highest smartphone penetration in the world at 95 percent, and mobile phone use was nearly ubiquitous.