How long is the DLPT good for?

By: Nirali VaniyaUpdated: November 17, 2020


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one year

Similarly, it is asked, what do DLPT scores mean?

Description. The tests are meant to measure how well a person can function in real-life situations in a foreign language according to well-defined linguistic tasks and assessment criteria. DLPT scores may also figure into the readiness rating of a military linguist unit.

Additionally, how often can I take the DLPT?

DLPT tests may be re-administered on a yearly basis for military members following a refresher course, but the tests may be taken once every half-year without a refresher.

How much is foreign language proficiency pay?

2. FLPB is designed to compensate soldiers that speak a foreign language for maintaining their linguistic skills. Provided a soldier tests well enough, pay rates range from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $500 per month, depending on the language or dialect and documented proficiency level.

What language is most needed in the military?

The languages most in-demand are exactly what you would expect: Arabic, Chinese, Pashto, Farsi, Russian, and Korean. Each intelligence agency and branch of the armed services has its own job and language requirements, but one thing unites them: the security screening process.


What languages are in high demand?

The analysis of live job data from Adzuna found that the top ten most in-demand languages are:
  • Spanish.
  • Chinese Languages.
  • Polish.
  • French and French Creole.
  • German.
  • Japanese.
  • Portuguese.
  • Russian.

What languages does the army pay extra for?

ADDED Chinese-Mandarin, Korean and Russian as Enduring Languages - ONLY PMOS and Branches in AR 11-6, paragraph 4-4 are authorized to receive FLPB for Enduring Languages.

How does the DLPT work?

Originally paper tests, they are increasingly delivered by computer. The tests are used to assess the skill level of DoD linguists. Linguists are tested once a year in the skills of reading and listening. DLPT scores may also figure into the readiness rating of a military linguist unit.

What does Dlab 666 mean?

Google-fu indicates that's exactly what it means: codes 666 and 999 are used to show the test was not taken. I remember from my research that the DLAB score scale doesn't go nearly that high anyway.

How much is language pay in the army?

The monthly FLPB rate is based on proficiency and the language payment list (Army Soldiers can receive from $100 and up to $500 maximum for one language depending on which language and score). For those who qualify for FLPB in multiple languages, the total monthly FLPB amount for multiple languages CANNOT exceed $1000.

Where can I take the DLPT?

Comments. You can always just take a DLPT at your Ed. Center. The DLI website does have training resources, of which I would suggest brushing up on your language with GLOSS.

Where do I find my DLPT scores?

A: You may obtain a copy of your transcript by filling out a DLIFLC FORM 220 Request for Transcripts or a Form 420 DLPT/OPI ACE credit recommendation, located on the right side menu.

Whats a good score on the Dlab?

The DLAB score's range is from 0 to 164 with 164 being equal to a flawless score. It is based off a logarithmic scale so the closer you get to 164, the trickier it is to receive better results. The minimum score required to get into DLI is a 95 and the bare minimum score to enroll in a CAT language is a 105.

What is the DLPT in the army?

Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) The Defense Language Proficiency Test is a function of the Defense Language Institute which is responsible for training military linguists in a variety of non-English languages which have in the past included Urdu, Cantonese, Kurdish, and a variety of others.

How do I get to the Defense Language Institute?

The present facilities at the Presidio of Monterey accommodate approximately 2,500 Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen, as well as select Department of Defense and State members. To attend DLIFLC one must be a member of the Armed Forces or be sponsored by a government agency.

What is on the Dlab test?

The Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) is a test used by the United States Department of Defense to test an individual's potential for learning a foreign language and thus determining who may pursue training as a military linguist.

What is FLPB?

The Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus (FLPB) is discretionary pay in addition to the base pay of enlisted members and officers as an incentive for acquiring advanced skills in foreign languages and dialects which will improve the ability to accomplish mission goals.