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How long does Protea flower last?

By: Rob WileyUpdated: March 19, 2021


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    May 19, 2022
around ten to sixteen days

Also question is, where does Protea grow?

Protea cynaroides, the king protea, is a flowering plant. It is a distinctive member of Protea, having the largest flower head in the genus. The species is also known as giant protea, honeypot or king sugar bush. It is widely distributed in the southwestern and southern parts of South Africa in the fynbos region.

Why is the Protea important to South Africa?

Table Mountain forms part of the Cape Floristic Kingdom. The king protea has been South Africa's national flower since 1976. The protea was chosen as it symbolises SA's beauty and, according to www.info.gov.za, the protea represents the “flowering of our potential as a nation in pursuit of the African Renaissance”.

Is the Protea indigenous to South Africa?

Proteas, indigenous plants of South Africa. The South African Floristic region is one of the world's 6 recognised floristic regions. The most well-known and spectacular plant of our local flora is the Protea, commonly known as Sugarbush or Suikerbos. 92% of Protea species only occur in the Cape Floristic region.

Is the Protea flower poisonous?

The flowers, seeds and nectar are very poisonous. All parts of the plant can cause irritation and pain in the mouth when chewed. The sap and bulb are especially toxic to children.


What time of year do proteas flower?

Proteas flower from autumn to spring with many offering a peak of blooms in winter. Whether left on the bush or picked, protea flowers are long lasting and eye catching. They are also bird and insect attracting plants.

How much do protea flowers cost?

1. Choose Stem Quantity:
Price Price per stem
40 Stems $189.99 ( $4.75 per stem )
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160 Stems $429.99 ( $2.69 per stem )

How often do you water Proteas?

Water your established plants every two to three weeks. If your plants are just starting out, water them more frequently. Proteas can stand a range of temperatures, from 23 F.

How fast do Proteas grow?

In about a year the plant will grow to about 2.5 metres high and 2 metres wide, with many colourful bracts all over the bush. So if you thought you didn't have enough time to have magnificent flowering shrubs in your garden, think again, and think Proteas and Leucadendrons.

What does a protea Symbolise?

The protea flower symbolizes change and transformation across cultures. South Africa: The King Protea (Protea cynaroides) flower (one of the largest and most striking of the protea flowers) is the national flower of South Africa. It earns its name from it's striking petals that resemble a colorful crown.

Can you grow protea from cutting?

Taking a softwood cutting is the fastest and easiest way to propagate protea. Find a thick main stem with several healthy smaller stems growing from the side. Plan to take cuttings in spring and in the morning or early evening. Dip the cut end of the protea stem in rooting hormone, if desired.

Can you grow Proteas in pots?

Proteas don't do well in clay soil. If your soil has a high clay content, try growing them in containers. Some varieties make excellent container plants. Choose large pots and use a good quality, bark-type potting soil and mix a teaspoon of Fyngrow in the soil in the bottom of the pot.

How do you take care of Proteas?

Protea plants must have well-drained soil. Their roots grow mostly horizontally, just below the surface of the soil. If water is allowed to sit and pool on the surface, the roots will become waterlogged and the plant will die. If you're planting your protea outside, mix bark and grit into your soil to improve drainage.

Are Proteas slow growing?

There are many Proteas and Leucadendrons available - some are low growing and others form sizable screen plants, which are great as a hedge. For example, Protea compacta is a beautiful, dense growing plant.

What is the Protea flower used for?

The protea flower is an ornamental flower grown as a cut flower for use in floral arrangements and bouquets as a symbol of courage, daring or transformation. It can also be dried and used in dried flower arrangements.

Do Proteas need fertilizer?

Tips on Growing Protea Plants
Protea plants must have well-drained soil. Their roots grow mostly horizontally, just below the surface of the soil. Protea plants thrive in acidic, nutrient-poor soil. Avoid fertilizer; an abundance of phosphorus, in particular, will kill them.

What does a King Protea look like?

King protea develops 6 to 10 bowl-shaped flower heads that consist of numerous small, tubular-shaped flowers. They can be pink or crimson-colored and surrounded with large, stiff, pointed bracts (modified petals-like leaves). Flower head can reach 12 inches in diameter and it looks like large artichoke.

Can you dry out Proteas?

To dry your Protea, remove the water and put them in an out of the way place for about three weeks. Most Protea will dry without shedding leaves or petals, so you may remove the leaves or keep them on to attain the desired effect. Some of the color will remain but they will mostly turn to tan shades.

Can Proteas grow in Johannesburg?

Until recently, all attempts at growing it commercially proved impossible, but fortunately they're now available at select nurseries in Gauteng. Proteas don't do well in clay soil. If your soil has a high clay content, try growing them in containers. Some varieties make excellent container plants.

Where do you cut protea flowers?

Image. After two years you can allow the protea to flower. After flowering, cut the stems back to 10cm from the main branch. Side growth, spindly branches or branches growing towards the ground should be pruned off flush with the stem.