How far is Timberline Lodge from Portland?

By: Samuel MwangiUpdated: December 14, 2020


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49 miles

In this regard, where is timberline in open season?


Secondly, is Timberline Lodge open today?

The historic Timberline Lodge is now open for daily visitors as well as hotel guests Room availability is limited.

How much does it cost to stay at Timberline Lodge?

Rates start at $750 for a hospitality room and include lunch for 25! Price is per person, Monday - Thursday nights, 10 room minimum per night, queen or twin room types based on availability. $160 per person.

Is Meadows vs Timberline better?

Meadows has much more terrain and has a park that you can night ski. Timberline has one lift for all three parks. With that being said you should also look into the combo Timberline/Skibowl pass. As someone who does not ski park, I prefer the terrain at Skibowl to Meadows when the snow level is down low.


How much is a lift ticket at Timberline?

Blossom Park will be open with two small jumps and some basic jibs. Daily summer lift ticket is $75 (not online, must be purchased at window) Public Summer Pass - $899 BUY NOW.

June 29th Timberline Freestyle Park Opens, Operates Mondays - Saturdays.

Can you sled at Timberline?

The Forest Service only allows plastic sleds and tubes. Summit Ski Area — Mount Hood's oldest ski area (now owned by the folks who operate Timberline) is also home to a tubing area. You can't bring your own sled, but for $26, you get a tube from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Summit is just east of Government Camp.

Was the shining filmed at Timberline Lodge?

The Shining "Overlook Hotel" was filmed at Timberline Lodge. The movie "The Shining" filmed the outside of Timberline Lodge. If you never saw the movie, watch it before you go. Located on the south side of mount hood near the town of Government Camp this lodge was built during the Great Depression.

Does Timberline Lodge have a pool?

Timberline Lodge. With direct access to the slopes, Timberline Lodge makes guests feel at home with amenities like a sauna and an outdoor pool. All 70 individually decorated rooms feature free WiFi and pillowtop beds. Other amenities available to guests include down comforters, free local calls, and free bottled water.

What part of the Shining was filmed at Timberline Lodge?

Although the film was shot almost entirely in the studio at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, England, where the hotel interior was constructed, the exterior of the 'Overlook Hotel' is the Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood in the Hood River area of Northern Oregon.

Does Timberline Lodge have a hot tub?

The outdoor mountain hot tub seats 12 guests comfortably and offers a terrific view of the lodge. Loosen your tired muscles and relax your spirit in the sauna.

Is Timberline Lodge open year round?

Hood is one of the few places where slopes are usually open regardless of season. In fact, the longest ski and snowboard season in North America is at Mt. Hood's Timberline. From November through May, skiers enjoy winter conditions at Timberline.

Do I need chains on Mt Hood?

Hood. Travelers heading to Mount Hood will ecnounter congestion and snow packed roads along U.S. 26 and Oregon Highway 35. Chains or traction tires are currently required on the mountain. Due to the number of vehicles on mountain passes, travelers should expect delays.

Do I need chains to get to Government Camp?

GOVERNMENT CAMP -- U.S. is covered in packed snow at Government Camp and Oregon State Police are requiring motorists to use chains. Traction tires will be allowed in place of chains on vehicles under 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight and not towing a trailer or boat.

Does Timberline Lodge have a maze?

There is no hedge maze (and hardly any level ground) at the Timberline Lodge. All interior scenes were shot at Elstree Studios as well, and not at Timberline Lodge.

Does Oregon have good skiing?

Oregon ski and snowboard resorts, from Mount Bachelor to Mount Hood, are great destinations for family skiers and diehards alike. Mount Hood Meadows, Timberline Lodge, and Ski Bowl have a full variety of options for skiing near Portland, each less than two hours from the city.

How much are lift tickets at Mt Hood?

2019-20 Skibowl Winter Lift Ticket Pricing
Day or Shift Ticket 13-64 $59
Night Ticket 13-64 $45
Twilight Ticket 13-64 $37
Day or Shift Ticket 7-12 $39