How far is dunedoo from Mudgee?

By: Peter RaethUpdated: January 19, 2021


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    June 26, 2022
67 km.

Also know, what is dunedoo famous for?

Dunedoo is well known to Australian travellers due to its distinctive name (Dunny is a colloquial Australian word for a toilet). The name is actually derived from a local Aboriginal word meaning "swan", which are commonly found in the area's lagoons. The town is located on the north-western edges of the Sydney basin.

Additionally, how far is dunedoo from Dubbo?

78 km.

What is the population of dunedoo?

1,215 people

Why is Dubbo called Dubbo?

He named his property 'Dubbo', which is said to be the Aboriginal Wiradjuri language meaning 'red earth' - which is consistent with the local landscape. (There is some confusion over the name 'Dubbo'. It is also thought that Dubbo is a mispronunciation of the local Wiradjuri word 'Thubbo' which means 'head covering'.)