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How do you identify Russian lacquer boxes?

By: Andrew NoonanUpdated: January 19, 2021


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    October 01, 2022
Look for the telltale “grid-pattern” on the bottom or sides that sometimes shows on an argillite box. This is the track of the machine that forms or presses the sawdust used to make these fakes! Also, examine with a magnifying glass to identify “cutouts”, and the many tiny “dots” that might make up a photo decoupage.

Similarly, how are Russian lacquer boxes made?

The Making of Russian Lacquer Boxes. Russian lacquer boxes are made from papier-mache, layers of cardboard glued together and tightly compressed. When it is still wet, the papier-mache is pressed into shapes for making boxes: flat panels and curved pieces.

Furthermore, how do you clean a Russian lacquer box?

Use only a very soft, clean cloth to clean the surface of the box. Do not use any chemical cleaning solutions that may react with the lacquer. Try not to keep your lacquer box in direct sunlight. Do not keep your lacquer box in a moist environment.

What is lacquer box?

Lacquerware includes small or large containers, tableware, a variety of small objects carried by people, and larger objects such as furniture and even coffins painted with lacquer. The lacquer can be dusted with gold or silver and given further decorative treatments.

How do you clean a lacquer box?

Spray a small amount of solvent-based furniture cleaner on a dry rag and wipe the lacquer gently, starting with a small section. Wipe this away immediately with a damp cloth and then dry the area with a dry cloth. Repeat this process, working in manageable sections, until the lacquer is clean.