How do you get more lives in Double Dragon 2?

By: Remi BondUpdated: January 18, 2021


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    September 26, 2022
Start up a two-player game and take out the first section of enemies on screen. Do not continue just yet. Instead, knock out the other player. Each time you defeat the second player, you will receive an additional life for your character.

Also question is, is Double Dragon NES 2 player?

Unlike the first NES game, Double Dragon II can be played by up to two players simultaneously. The game offers two modes of play, which differ only in whether or not the two players can hurt each other with their attacks.

Similarly, how many levels are there in Double Dragon?

The player has a total of seven skill levels that they can achieve throughout the game. The level designs are very different, with some stages featuring new areas (notably the cavern section in Mission 3) that feature greater emphasis on jumping over platforms or evading traps.

How do you continue in Double Dragon?

To continue the game from Stages 2 or 3, you'll need to enter the following combination at the Game Over screen: Up, Right, Down, Left, A, B. To continue from stages 4, 5 or 6, you will need to enter in the following code at the Game Over screen: Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A, A.

How do you do a spin kick in Double Dragon 2?

Special Moves
  1. Spinning Cyclone: press a + b to jump and at the peak of your jump press a or b.
  2. Hyper Uppercut: press a (if facing right) or b (if facing left) from the crouched position (either getting up or landing on the ground).


What do the hearts do in Double Dragon?

In the NES version of Double Dragon, you have this weird Heart System to deal with that earns your moves. Essentially, as you beat up bad guys you get heart points, get 1000 heart points and you get another heart and another fighting move.

How do you elbow in Double Dragon?

Elbow Punch
While an opponent is behind you, press A to automatically elbow. Requires six hearts.

How do you jump in Double Dragon 2 NES?

TO JUMP— Press the A BUTTON and B BUTTON simultaneously. TO PAUSE — Press the START BUTTON. TO RESTART-Press the START BUTTON again.