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How do you change your gender on MeetMe?

By: Luciano LorentiUpdated: April 28, 2021


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Go to your Profile and then select "Edit Profile" to the left of your Profile picture.

Here's a list of what you can edit from your Profile page:
  1. Profile Photo.
  2. Display Name.
  3. Gender.
  4. Location.
  5. Tagline.
  6. Languages.
  7. Ethnicity.
  8. Religion.

Just so, how do I change my email address on MeetMe?

To change your email address, log in to the website, and click on the Settings button in the top right-hand corner of the page. Select "Account" from the drop-down menu, then click on the "Change Email Address" link.

Also, how do I change my gender preference on Zoosk?

How do I change my gender or sexual preference?
  1. Open your web browser, go to, and log in to your Zoosk account.
  2. Click on your Zoosk profile photo at the top of the left navigation. This will take you to your profile.
  3. Under your Basic information, select Edit.
  4. Select your new gender and/or sexual preference and click Save.

Is MeetMe safe?

Although the MeetMe app possesses a 4-star Google Play rating and over 100 million users, MeetMe is one of the most dangerous apps available to teens. This app is designed to closely imitate other popular social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, these similarities mask a far greater danger.

Does Meetme delete inactive accounts?

We may terminate accounts that are inactive for an extended period of time.


How do I fix my Meetme account?

Please send us an email at [email protected] and include your name, country, and the email address you use to access your account. We can manually verify profiles that include all of this information.

How do I contact MeetMe?

To make such a request, please contact us by mail at Member Services, The Meet Group, Inc. 100 Union Square Drive, New Hope, PA 18938 or by email at [email protected] Alternatively, you may call us toll free at 866-217-8131.

Why can't I log into my MeetMe account?

Sometimes the issue with MeetMe login is due to your dynamic IP address, which is set by your router. Unless you have a static IP address, which is a different issue, you will need to perform the following to reset your IP address to a new one. Turn of your router, disconnect it from the mains for a minute.

Did meet me delete my account?

Delete your Meet Me account
Tap on Delete Account. If you signed up for a MeetMe account with Facebook but no longer use the Type your email address and MeetMe password to confirm and close the account.

How do I report a fake MeetMe account?

report it to meetme .. either send an email to support at meetme dot com or go to the fake profile and click on the report abuse button . then click on a report reason , I would click on fake member.

How do I permanently delete my MeetMe account?

Closing a MeetMe Account Through the Application
At the bottom of the options that come up, click on “settings” and go to settings and click on “Delete Account“. “Delete Account? If you delete your account, all MeetMe photos, posts, and friendships are permanently deleted.

How long does a Meetme suspension last?

between 15 minutes and 48 hours

How do I change my MeetMe password?

What can I do? Go to the Forgot Password page and enter your email address. Instructions for resetting your password will be emailed to you.

How do you unblock yourself on MeetMe?

If you wish to unblock a user, just visit your Blocked Users list and do the following:
  1. Click 'Unblock'
  2. Confirm you would like to unblock.

How do I start a MeetMe account?

How to Create New Meetme Account
  1. At the bottom Right conner Click “Sign up Free” Button in Green Colour.
  2. Enter your name (First Name and Last Name)
  3. Enter your Email and Password.
  4. Select your Location.
  5. Select your Gender and Date of Birth.
  6. Finally Click on “Make friends” in Green Button… You are done!

What is meet me for?

MeetMe is a hybrid between a social media platform and an online dating site. Founded in 2005 by The Meet Group, the free dating website allows users to freely interact with other users through chat, streams and discussion threads via browser and mobile.

Is zoosk LGBT friendly?

Zoosk gives singles a lot of freedom, and it can serve bisexual daters as well. If you identify as bisexual, Zoosk will give you a second account for free, so you can search for both gay men and lesbian women separately and more efficiently. You'll need to contact the site for more information.

How do I change my search criteria on Zoosk?

Open your web browser, go to, and log in to your Zoosk account. Select Search from the left navigation. Click the blue Edit Search link in the top right of your screen underneath the grey NEXT button. Next to ages, type in the age-range you'd like to search for.

How do I edit my profile on Zoosk?

Select the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. Tap on your profile photo and Zoosk display name. This will take you to your profile where you can tap the Edit Photos and Edit Location buttons or scroll down to edit your basic information, story, perfect match, and ideal date.