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How do you beat unravel Level 3?

By: Rajesh MgUpdated: December 09, 2020


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Level 3 - Berry Mire | Walkthrough Unravel Guide
  1. To find a button, go up using a trampoline.
  2. A piece of wood will allow you to jump on a rock next to the water reservoir.
  3. Go back a little after you fall into the hole to collect a button.
  4. You will get to the button under the furnace by pushing the piece of wood with blocks from the furnace.

In this way, how many chapters are in unravel?

There are 12 levels to explore and dozens of secrets to find. Unravel is a physics based game.

Also Know, how do you tie an unravel knot?

Tie a knot, then when you swing around the vent keep Left Trigger held while you use Right Trigger to pull yourself back to the knot. Press B to release the first knot and immediately tie a new knot that will allow the bridge to be built. Rinse and repeat on the left side and you're done!

How do you get past the sea in unravel?

Level 2 - The Sea | Walkthrough Unravel Guide
  1. Reach the kite trapped on a branch.
  2. Throw all the cones into the ditch to be able to cross it.
  3. The second button is self-explanatory
  4. Pull the piece of wood to use it to take off.
  5. You need to swing well on the taut string to get this secret collectible.
  6. Drag the mussel from the pond and give it to the crab.

Will there be an Unravel 3?

Unravel 3 Not Happening, Developer “Focusing on Other Things” Unravel's creative director Martin Sahlin has confirmed that he is “focusing on other things” and has no plans for a third Unravel game at present. Now I'm focusing on other things, but that doesn't mean we'll never see more Unravel games in the future.


Do I need to play unravel 1 before 2?

Unfortunately, the original Unravel is not out on the Nintendo Switch. You don't need to have played the first Unravel to understand or enjoy Unravel Two. The main character, Yarny, is the same, but the story is completely new and there's a major new gameplay mechanic.

How long does it take to complete unravel 2?

Based on 91 User Ratings
Platform Polled Main
Nintendo Switch 16 5h 11m
PC 44 4h 41m
PlayStation 4 29 4h 56m
Xbox One 13 4h 31m

How long does unravel take to beat?

Around 10 hours, according to 82 GameFAQs users who told us how long it took them to beat it.

Is unravel coop?

Unravel™ Two is a platforming adventure game seen from a unique perspective, or two. Play as a pair of Yarnys – small beings made of yarn and connected by a single thread – in local co-op or as a single player.

How many levels are there in Unravel 2?

Walkthrough. Unravel 2 has a total of seven chapters. This guide goes through all chapters listing out collectibles along the way.