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How do I prepare for a MUN debate?

By: Ian BaumgartUpdated: January 12, 2021


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Learn how to face your fear in Model UN by following these tips:
  1. Prepare a research binder. You'll feel better in committee knowing that your research is at your fingertips.
  2. Frame your topics and speeches.
  3. Write out your first speech.
  4. Focus on one idea at a time.
  5. Learn the different stages of committee.

Just so, how do I become a good MUN delegate?

Becoming a better delegate begins with learning 5 fundamental skills:
  1. Research. Good research is the foundation of your committee performance.
  2. Public Speaking. Making great speeches helps you get noticed by other delegates and the chair.
  3. Team Building.
  4. Writing.
  5. Debating.

Likewise, is Mun a waste of time?

Is Model United Nations (MUN) a waste of time? - Quora. The way I see it, MUNs are nothing but just an excuse to waste someone's time, knowledge and energy. It's a place where countless and useless talks takes place. The way I see it, MUNs are nothing but just an excuse to waste someone's time, knowledge and energy.

Is it compulsory to speak in MUN?

It's not compulsary to speak in a MUN unless you have an important portfolio or asked to speak. Understand, the very first point of MUN is to discuss and debate. So, you have to interact with other countries, at some point. You are going to there to learn something.

Is Mun difficult?

MUN can be difficult if you don't do your research or you absolutely hate public speaking. It also is quite awful if no one has ever briefed you on parliamentary procedure, although if you pay attention in a committee session you can get the gist of it quickly since it's repetitive.


What should I wear to Mun?

Dress Code
  • Professional business attire is a business jacket, dress shirt, tie, slacks/skirt/dress, and dress shoes.
  • Clothing considered too casual includes sweaters, novelty jackets, shorts, sundresses/other casual dresses, ball caps, jeans, sneakers, athletic wear, and sunglasses.

What should girls wear for Mun?

Women can wear a female suit, or a blazer with a button-up, collared shirt, and dress skirt or dress pants. Women are encouraged to mix up colors for their blouses/button-up shirts. Pants should be dark, and dress only. Khaki is sometimes acceptable.

How do you start a MUN speech?

One of the easiest way to organize your speeches in Model UN, especially for opening speeches, is to use the following three-part formula:
  1. Hook: An engaging way to grab your audience's attention;
  2. Point: Your country policy on the topic; and,
  3. Call to Action: Possible solutions to the topic.

What is Mun in school?

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by a high school or college MUN club.

How is Mun conducted?

It's a simulation of the United Nations! But there's much more to it. Model UN , simply put, is a diplomatic competition. Students are, in most cases, assigned countries, and their job is to express their countries beliefs in committee in order to pass favorable resolutions.

How do I protect myself in MUN?

#7 Always believe in what you are defending.
If you don't believe it, neither will anyone else in the room. You don't need to believe in the side you are defending, but believe your argument has merit. If you personally do not believe in your delegation's actions, remember: you are not you. You are your delegation.

What soft skills does Mun promote?

Soft skills advancement
MUN does improve leadership, analytical thinking, diplomacy as well as public speaking skills! You will also gain knowledge regarding the United Nations (UN) conference generally and the assemblies of the United Nations specifically.

Is Mun a word?

MUN is a valid scrabble word.

How is Mun useful?

It develops leadership skills. MUN is an exercise in research, public speaking, and teamwork. These are skills that you will need throughout your career, and MUN gives you a chance to practice them while you're a student. You can leverage your MUN experience and network to get into college and find jobs.

Does Mun help with college?

Model United Nations is a large part of their personal growth as a high school student, and they can leverage their MUN experience to get into college. I started doing MUN because it was a fun way to study history, but it also developed my communication skills and gave me the confidence to express myself.

Is Mun a debate?

Debate is mostly a public speaking-oriented activity. This includes public speaking — Model UN delegates have to make prepared and impromptu speeches throughout the weekend. But Model UN also requires delegates to negotiate and to lobby — to find and work with a set of allies to solve a problem together.

How can I join Model UN?

How to Get Started
  1. Firstly, you should find teachers who would be interested in helping you to start a Model UN club and become your faculty advisor.
  2. After you have recruited members and set up meeting times, the next step is to choose which conference(s) to attend.

What are substantive chits in MUN?

Substantive Chits are the chits that contribute to the debate. They are related to the agenda and can be addressed to the Executive Board or another delegate via Executive Board or both.

What are the Mun Awards?

Most MUN conferences will give out awards in the following order : The best delegate award, the high commendation award, and the special mention. These are essentially the first, second and third prizes. Many times, certain MUNs can be seen handing out two High Commendations, and three or more Special Mentions.

Which is the best Mun in India?

I'm gonna list the best MUN's in Bombay, which are some of the best in India.
  • CMUN - Cathedral and John Connon School, this is the oldest MUN in India and one of the biggest.
  • DAIMUN - Dhirubhai Ambani International MUN - This is also very big.

Can you use we in MUN?

No personal pronouns (I, you, we, etc.). Refer to oneself as 'the delegate', 'the delegate of [your country]', '[your country]' or any other phrase which is the equivalent.