How do I get to Great Otway National Park?

By: Sanam KapoorUpdated: January 15, 2021


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There are 4 ways to get from Melbourne to Great Otway National Park by train, taxi, bus, night bus or car
  1. Take the train from Southern Cross to Colac Melbourne - Warrnambool Via Geelong & Colac.
  2. Take a taxi from Colac to Great Otway National Park.

Besides, is the otways a rainforest?

The striking cool temperate rainforest of the Great Otway National Park boasts one of the highest rainfalls in the state with waterfalls flowing year-round. Walkers of almost any ability can trek around the Otways, discovering the Great Ocean Walk, waterfalls, lush forests, cliff top walks, heritage and coastal trails.

Beside above, are dogs allowed in Otway National Park?

Dogs are not permitted in the Great Otway National Park, with the exception of Johanna Beach (beach area & campground), Johanna Beach western section between Johanna River and western bluff.

Can you swim at Beauchamp Falls?

Beauchamp Falls Reserve Campground
There is a great little walk that leads to the waterfall and creek (about 3km and 3hours return). The walk itself is quite steep, and unfortunately you can't actually swim in the pool at the bottom.

How big is the Great Otway National Park?

1,032 km²


What does Otway mean?

Otway. (ˈ?twe?) n. (Biography) Thomas. 1652–85, English dramatist, noted for The Orphan (1680) and Venice Preserv'd (1682)

Are dogs allowed in National Parks Victoria?

Both you and your dog can enjoy being out in nature! However, for conservation reasons, dogs are not allowed in most national parks. Dogs on-lead ensure a happy outing for everyone, including other dogs. Visitors should keep them on-lead except in designated off-lead areas.

Can you take dogs on the Great Ocean Road?

Dogs are permitted to join you in a vehicle driving along the length of the Great Ocean Road, even when the highway passes through areas of national park. This often includes stopping at lookouts along the way.

Can I take my dog to the Grampians?

Dog owners please keep in mind dogs are not allowed in the Grampians National Park, bringing your dog will limit your sight seeing abilities.

Can I take my dog to Wilsons Prom?

Taking care of the park: Dogs, other pets and firearms are not permitted.

Are dogs allowed in national parks Australia?

Dogs and pets. Dogs and other pets are welcome in some conservation parks, State forests and recreation areas, but not in national parks.

Can you take dogs to Werribee Gorge?

Werribee Gorge is suitable for hiking, trail running and rock climbing. No dogs, no firearms, no horses and no bikes allowed!

Are dogs allowed in Barmah State Forest?

Almost all roads north lead to river access tracks between Strathmerton in the East and Barmah in the West. Park visitors coming over the bridge at the Barmah township should turn at the hotel and follow the Moira Lakes Road, past Barmah Island, a State Park, suitable for walking and camping and where dogs are allowed.

Are dogs allowed at Lysterfield Lake?

Thanks for checking - dogs are not permitted in Lysterfield Park. Dogs can impact on the behaviour of native fauna, therefore they are not allowed in Lysterfield Park. You can walk your dog on lead at the nearby Cardinia Reservoir Parklands.